Men at their best with CH Men Privé

CH Men Privé is the new masculine fragrance to the CH Carolina Herrera family. It is warm and luxurious with notes of whiskey and leather provocative, modern and rich. With its polished black lacquered bottle, the sleek look of CH Men Privé was inspired by a handsome and classic flask. Provocative hints of gold add elegance, making the bottle a powerful statement of sophistication and masculinity. CH Men Privé perfectly embodies the Carolina Herrera man who is ready to imbue passion into everything he does in his life.

CH Men Privé is smoky and rich, with warm and spicy undertones. The CH Men Privé man has irresistible charm and he knows how to make an immediate impression in an influential way. It is his impeccable taste which sets him apart from the rest.

With CH Men Privé, warm and luxurious notes of whiskey and leather are exquisitely highlighted. Sumptuous, elegant and slightly daring, its allure is unmissable. Initial notes of fresh and zesty citrus in the form of grapefruit follow, punctuated by hints of frozen lavender, cardamom, sage and red thyme. Finally, the scent of benzoin and the elusive tonka bean prevail to capture the essence of the creation. Like the CH Privé man, it is timeless yet modern with a masculine allure impossible to resist.