Sustainable, luxury knitwear by Cecile Jeffrey

Mother and two daughters relaunch sustainable, luxury knitwear brand.

South London based designer and daughters relaunch a luxury, sustainable knitwear brand. Aiming to change how knitwear is perceived, they have produced an unconventional and original collection of knitted clothing.

Raising three children, Cecile faced the challenge all women confront when combining family life with running a business.  However, in 2010, due to the injuries sustained in a car accident by one of her children, family life was prioritised, the business was put on hold.  Now that family life is less overwhelming, Cecile and her daughters – who, rather conveniently, studied womenswear and fashion promotion – felt it was time to come together to re-introduce the brand.

Efia, Director
“We’ve always been around mum; giving our opinions on design (whether she wanted it or not), helping out at trade shows, illustrating and just pinching pieces off the rack as well as out of her wardrobe!

“Cecile Jeffrey is such a part of our makeup that there was never any way we weren’t going to take up the mantle.”

Kessie, Director
“Through our determination to champion slow fashion, using high quality natural fibres to produce timeless designs, we know that our garments appeal across the generations.  Many loyal customers share that their children commandeer their Cecile Jeffrey pieces, garments that have been worn for over 20 years.

“We know the rest of the world will love our work as much as we do, it’s time to re-introduce the brand to the world.”

With the combination of vast experience, fresh eyes and new technology, the brand are able to present, not just stylish and high quality knitted clothing, but sustainable fashion too — all manufactured and hand finished in the UK. Classic knitwear continues to be created, blurring the boundaries between fashion and craft.

The relaunch of the brand is presented through a heritage collection; designs inspired by an archive spanning 30 years, brought back, updated and re-imagined. Unisex pieces from this collection are currently stocked at Pure Labels on Portobello Road, and will be featured at a series of pop ups over winter.

The prices range from a £165 top to the luxurious boyfriend cardi at £365. Affordable prices, investment pieces. Using only natural, ethically sourced fibres, everything in this collection is made from 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool.

10% of the proceeds of all online orders will be donated to the Sickle Cell Anaemia Trust and the Royal hospital for Neuro-disability, [charities of huge significance to the family].