Bon Parfumeur – Paris

Bon Parfumeur spent over two years of development to achieve a range of fifteen unisex fragrances at an attainable price point.
While maintaining top quality and sophistication.

The result was a precise range of fragrances developed by impassioned perfumers with guided ambition and desire to offer top quality niche fragrances. Enter the world Bon Parfumeur… Opening the doors of an olfactory experience without limits.

Its founder Ludovic Bonneton created a collection alongside renowned noses, which brings together all of the olfactory families in a comprehensive collection. Presented in sleek, and practical bottles, beautiful yet simple.

Perfumes for everyone to reinvent the day. A fragrance playlist for every mood, every experience, every emotion…


True luxury, is freedom!
To change one’s perfume is the ability to change perception, mood, to express one’s self freely with a wide spectrum of different emotions, affirming every facet of one’s personality.
Bon Parfumeur is the fragrance playlist… Celebrating individuality and variety for everyone,

Bon Parfumeur responds to each one’s desires not with one, but two, three, then 20 different compositions from which to Select… An ever growing library of scents to be collected, layered, and gifted. We are the shortest distance to fight against the mundane with taste, elegance, and pleasure.

Now everyone can express their mood with a growing range of compositions of unique fragrances.

1 | Flacons of fun | Perfume is first a hedonistic gesture to feel happy, well about yourself, before trying to seduce.

2 | Freedom of Expression |We created an independent perfumery, with freedom to offer a product which makes a statement rather than following the current trend.

3 | Lifestyle | Depending on the mood of the moment, we opt for an exuberant juice; dissonant, eclectic to the eccentric or refined to sophisticated… a sultry sandalwood, or a lively citrus.

4 | Easy Luxury | The ultimate luxury is the ability to change perfume to suit one’s whims, appetites… without barrier.

5 | Quality Made in France | Our fragrances are developed and produced between Grasse, Normandy and Paris by passionate designers using only the most exceptional ingredients.

6 | Initiation | Fragrance is learned through experimentation. Playing with perfumes is the best way to understand its ranges and gain a true “olfactory culture”. Enjoy without moderation, alone or friends.

7 | Socialite | In an age of social media and effortless interactions, we believe in a generous perfume conversation where exchange is celebrated by sharing, discussing, and testing scent…

8 | Mix & Match | The perfumes are designed to be layered and collected… The true custom is within reach, deciding that in daytime his skin blends well with crisp vetiver and grapefruit. And then at night he finds cedar wood and rose to be intoxicating.

9 | Pop culture | A comprehensive frame of reference for all: The fragrances are simply sorted into families by number and color. Each corresponds to an olfactory family, with a sequential numbering system. Three main notes clearly identified by the label.

10 | Collab | Open up the scent, bring it into resonance with other forms of creation. from fashion, to design, music or gastronomy, to give birth to “special collections”. Bon Parfumeur collaborates with brands and individuals for scented signature collections.


I have always loved fragrances. Like many people, I have looked for my perfect and ideal perfume without any much success. And then I understood that my perfume could change depending on my mood. I wanted to be able to choose, I wanted to create my own collection. I have dreamt of perfume fountains, something to satisfy all my desires and that could change anytime I wanted. It is from this idea and this concept that Bon Parfumeur was born.

Since then, renowned French perfumers have designed the fragrances of Bon Parfumeur, and then finally everyone creates their own personal collection.