Antwerp’s top 5 luxury fashion and interior shops

By Naomi Louwerens:

Antwerp is on the rise in fashion as many designers such as the Antwerp Six studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in this city. Being one of the leading fashion Academies in Europe with many graduates becoming internationally successful fashion designers since decades, this gave Antwerp a cult status in the fashion world.

Therefore Antwerp declared itself a world-class fashion centre, competing with the big fashion cities Milan, New York and Paris on the stage of avant-garde fashion.

With a multitude of brand shops, flagship stores and fashion museums this city is an absolute must visit for fashion lovers. But next to this, it is also the perfect place for interior and antique shopping in the quaint streets of the historic city center.

Make sure not to miss these top 5 stores and shopping areas during your next Antwerp city trip:

– For designer fashion brand shopping the ‘’Nationale straat’’ (National street) is the place to be. Here you will find many flagship stores of well known brands such as Diesel, Gstar, Fred de la Brettoniere and Stills, but also of new and upcoming designers.

– South-west of the Nationale straat you will find to the’’Kloosterstraat’’ (Convent street). This authentic street has the perfect offering of interior, book and antique shops combined with galleries and various small café’s and concept stores. ”Woon Theater’’ on Kloosterstraat 14, is definitely recommended for its unique offering of design, vintage and industrial interior. The display of interior in the beautiful ambiance of the spacious building with amazing courtyard, makes it a very impressive shop.

The Mercator Ortelius House across the street on Kloosterstraat 11-17 houses a very special gallery/store. This unique location on nr.15 is a combination of a gallery, shop and wine bar with beautiful photographic artworks, designer interior and furniture displayed in the ancient and decorative building framed by a big courtyard and historic facades.

The Recollection-Objects of desire at Kloosterstraat 54 is the perfect shop for interior-and concept lovers with a taste for the newest trends. This beautiful concept store offers a unique collection of furniture, objects, pottery, cosmetics, plants, fashion, accessories and art.

– For luxury shopping the big designer multi brand store Verso on the Lange Gasthuisstraat 9-11 is the store to visit. This luxury store, including café-restaurant, in a beautifully restored 16th century mansion is definitely the most glamorous shop in Antwerp. Verso offers a combination of couture and contemporary fashion pieces of the most well known brands such as Alexander McQueen, D&G, Givenchy, Fendi, various designer accessories and home decorations, which makes shopping a unique experience. Especially because of the marble and oak décor in which the products are displayed. This building once housed distinguished families and notable banks, and is currently considered a famous fashion heaven in Belgium and is widely appreciated for its luxurious aesthetic.

Antwerp Mercator Ortelius House shop (2)

Antwerp The Recollection shop (3)

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Naomi Louwerens