A miraculous sensation!

The last few weeks I’ve been very busy. It all started with Baselworld in Switzerland, an amazing trade show for the watch and jewellery industry. Since then, I’ve travelled to various countries to see different events, talk to designers and brands, and do business.

We just started collaborations with Joya, an international art jewellery fair. We will be making a beautiful artistic magazine to showcase their designers. They fly in to Barcelona from 42 countries to be on this amazing jewellery fair. What an inspirational project and a joy to work with so many professional people to the day of the fair in September 2016.

We also working on a Middle East Special in Abu Dhabi, to showcase their luxury brands in Europe and a Real Estate Special for impressive resorts where I have to visit Maroc soon to talk about this magazine.
And then finally it was Bridalweek in Barcelona. I rushed myself through traffic and tried to find a parking place amidst all the other people trying to park for this elaborate event.
There were too many people and the sun was burning me, even inside the building. I ran to the right halls and fought my way through the crowd to get to my favourite designers waiting for their fashion shows. I was in a frenzy from the crazy day and weeks leading up to Bridalweek. But then the music started, the lights dimmed, and I saw this gorgeous petite bride walking in a trance over the runway.

There is nothing so calming than being surrounded by beautiful colours, soft music, and an atmosphere of pure peace. It was like I could breathe again.

Weddings and brides are an industry of happiness, which makes Bridalweek a very special fair, in my opinion.

I loved the design of Carla Ruiz. She tries to incorporate that feminine ideal in all her designs, hence the improvement of basic aspects such as refinement, elegance, and uniqueness. That dress with the golden collar is both original and from very high quality and I can only imagine how a woman would feel wearing such a dress.

But also Rosa Claro touched my heart when all these brides in crystal white walked silently behind each other. It felt like living in a perfect world, sugarsweet.

The most impressive designer to me, though, was Yolancris. In 2006, they presented their first collection at Pasarela Gaudi Novias, during the Barcelona Bridalweek. Nowadays, they are recognized as a leading brand in wedding dresses and eveningwear worldwide. Every design of Yolancris is handcrafted in their atelier in Barcelona, using only high quality European fabrics, and every detail is studied minutely with passion. The lace in the dresses is pure art.

When I finally took my seat and took the time to look around this beautiful event, I realised how much skill and talent had to go into making this piece of art. It’s amazing that the picture around me can move me in such an emotional way.

As a designer it must be wonderful to give people that feeling with your talent.

That day gave me more than new contacts, great business, and inspiration; it gave me peace of heart.

And so I left my sweet bubble of peace and returned back to real life. The bridal show might be over, but the peace I felt from it has stayed in me, a miraculous sensation.

Foto Ugo Camera www.viewfashionbook.com   Barcelona Bridal Week 2016


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