The world is getting smaller

The distance between your brand and your target audience is getting closer. Standing out against the competition is getting harder. EuropeanLife Media are experts in distributing content on behalf of luxury brands and events. Connections spoke to its CEO, Bernadet Bijsterbosch to understand more…

Where did the idea for EuropeanLife come from?
Globalization. We see the world getting smaller and for international entrepreneurs, that is an opportunity to be seen on new markets and expand your clientele.
As an entrepreneur myself, I noticed that there wasn’t a platform where entrepreneurs are able to showcase their business in many ways, using the best distribution channels, in the most visible way and as close to the target audience as possible. So, EuropeanLife was born.
Originally, we made EuropeanLife as a showcase from Europe to the rest of the world, but we received such demand from Asia and USA to expose their products to the European market, that we work globally now.

Please could you tell us about your audience?
Our audience is expansive but always entrepreneurs, brands and events in luxury lifestyle. Think of travel, real estate, the boat & yacht industry, art, automobiles and so on. Our readers are luxury owners and luxury lovers of all ages, sexes and background. Because we work for luxury brands and events, we do a lot of cross-industry promotion.
EuropeanLife custom-create magazines for luxury clients.

How do you identify the right selective distribution systems?
Our custom-made magazine is always made for a luxury event. We work with luxury industry experts in luxury golf, yachting and property investment, for example. They tell us where they want to be seen and give us the keywords of their audience. (Think of audience groups in profession, in interest, in topic, country, continent.)
We have our own unique and exclusive distribution channels and several different distribution systems where we give the magazine for free in different ways.
Our channels include custom-made taglists, strategic luxury memberships and industry bloggers, YouTube, VIP mailings, travel agents and interest groups. We have a big team for every magazine to design a tailored package based on maximum reach, as well 25 social media experts who are continuously researching and segmenting specific audience types.

Of all your distribution channels, are there any that are currently more powerful than others?
Social media was a popular distribution channel for a long time, but we believe that all your distribution channels should be as close to your client as possible in the best, personal way.
It’s hard to understand who is reading a social media post, or who has seen your advert.
So we think that target marketing is the best option, and why working for brands and events gives us the best access to specific target groups. It’s a win-win combination.

Through the brands stories you’d helped distribute, what have been some of the most memorable, and why?
I am always a fan of the most personal stories. We work a lot with designers, venues and resorts that were founded as family businesses and continue to work together generations on. It’s just wonderful. These are the best stories to share – where we give a brand a face, dive deeper into their history and connect our clients with life stories. Our readers always love that!

How do you keep abreast of behavioural changes within the luxury market?
Since the luxury brand owner is our client, we are constanting reviewing the market place and any trends or changes that are emerging. And of course, we are also constantly in touch with our clients to understand their needs and objectives.

Has there been a particular leader or person you’ve met that has inspired you? Why?
Lori Greiner. As an entrepreneur, she started just with one idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar international brand.
What I like is that she, in her approach and her business attitude, is always interested in the person behind the product and she says no if she does not like what she sees.
She is approachable, professional, funny and successful – a great mix! I like to do business that way myself.

Top 3 recommended books for business leaders?
Leadership and Self-Deceptionby The Arbinger Institute, Invent it, Sell it, Bank it by Lori Greiner and Brave Business Leadershipby Jeffrey W. Foley

For you, what does the word ‘luxury’ mean?
For me personally, luxury is a feeling that makes me love life.
It could be provided by products, by landscape, by experience or by people, but it makes me realise that I am a lucky girl! It is a luxury to feel that way on a daily basis!

EuropeanLife Media is an award-winning publisher with a dedicated focus on luxury and lifestyle events in Asia, USA and Europe.
The company publishes a luxury magazine and creates custom-made interactive digital magazines for event organizers to showcase the event and its exhibitors in the right target groups.

This article has been published in the Connections-Leaders Do Business magazine