The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide 2020

Most luxury brands are looking at 2020 as a lost year. Sales have slowed down, shops are closed and many entrepreneurs are in serious financial trouble. Nearly 60 percent of global consumers kept their wallets shut during the peak outbreak months, a time when sales normally surge, all thanks to COVID-19. Shoppers are in lockdown and save most of their consumption in these months. These factors have led to an 80-percent drop in first-quarter sales revenue for some brands as well as less drastic decreases for others. In the stock market, shares of some fashion giants have seen moderate drops, although some have remained surprisingly resilient during the crisis. Still, most executives expect an average 5-percent decrease in annual sales. Product launches, promotional campaigns, and other previously planned marketing efforts have been brought to a halt (JingDaily).

EuropeanLife always sees opportunities in times of economic troubles. We think that luxury brands should think of after-corona sales. Use this time to reset your business and be creative in your come-back strategy after corona. The best time of 2020 that might give luxury brands the opportunity to reach their target financial numbers for the year is Christmas 2020. After this sad time of lockdown, people like to celebrate their way back to normal life. It is in our nature to get back to that feeling that life is normal again; we want our certainties back. Retail luxury should get ready for when that time comes. We think Christmas is the time for being with family, giving presents and showing your love to the people that matter. Christmas is the time when luxury brands need to realize their sales to save the financial year 2020.

And so, we think that Christmas 2020 should be the time to shop. Get your presents early, spend your money after such a sad time, spoil your loved ones and buy great gifts to make up for these lockdown months. With this vision, we launched a new opportunity to showcase these great designs to the world. With our new ULTIMATE HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE 2020, we give all brands and events the opportunity to get back on the market and be part of the biggest sales of 2020.

As a team, we work hard to make that happen. It feels good to help in our own way and get the luxury brands visible again in a beautiful glossy presentation to help them to save this crazy year. While our designers worked hard on the cover, the editors are ready to tell their stories, and the sales managers are connected with brands all over the world. Now is the time.

We are very proud to launch this new glossy magazine around the world to beat the crisis due to this horrible virus. Let’s get ready to show these amazing designs again and remind your network that your brand or your event is back. It is time to make some noise!

Join us and show your luxury to brighten up the world.

Bernadet Bijsterbosch