The Russian Grand Prix

The Russian Grand Prix will allow 30,000 fans to attend the Formula 1 Weekend

The Russian city of Sochi is hosting the Formula One Russia Grand Prix for the seventh time in the event’s history. The race is scheduled to be held on September 25-27.  The Administration of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced earlier in the year that the Russian F1 race would be organized with spectators in attendance.

This year’s FIA F1 World Championship was intended to be the first in the history of Formula One to run in 22 Grands Prix around the globe, opening with the race in Australia on March 15 and closing with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The championship was set to see a debut of the Grand Prix in Vietnam’s Hanoi and the return of the Dutch Grand Prix, which had been absent from the race calendar since 1985.

However, the F1 racing calendar for this year had been readjusted due to the global spread of the novel coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the organizers earlier in the year to cancel the legendary Monaco GP, as well as the Grands Prix in Australia and France. All the races in the motorsport category were managed as closed-door events as the health safety measures required a small number of people within the F1 environment, as well as reductions were made regarding the staff of the teams.

All F1 races have been run as “closed events” so far this season due to safety measures, now the promoters of the Russian Grand Prix aim to have grandstands at 50% capacity for September’s Formula 1 race in Sochi, welcoming around 30,000 fans to the event. This is the first race scheduled that is actively selling tickets for a grand prix, which will take place on 27 September.

Alexey Titov, the Executive Director of Russian Grand Prix promoter Rosgonki, said in an interview: “For three months we have not been engaged in ticket sales at all,

Despite the plans to have fans in Sochi, Titov said the strict rules will remain in place for the paddock, and that other aspects of the weekend such as the pit lane walk and autograph sessions would also be scrapped.

“This year, the grand prix will definitely not be a usual one,” Titov said.

“Yes, we will have spectators, but there will be no events such as a pit walk. There will be no autograph sessions. In the near future, we will definitely announce how we will replace this part of the entertainment program.

“We have several ideas, the details of which we are now finalising with Formula 1, but of course there will be certain replacements.

The Russian Grand Prix will have a different format this year, like the vast majority of global events that, despite the recent pandemic, have managed to adapt to change and take place. However, the efforts by the FIA ​​are highly valued by fans from all over the world who want to continue to enjoy their passion for racing and fast cars.