The Eastern Marvels are admired in Paris

On January 20 and 21, 2020, the 34th edition of the Oriental Fashion Show took place at the Carrousel du Louvre and the Paris Oriental Fashion Awards were presented at UNESCO.

The Oriental Fashion Show took over the Carrousel du Louvre on January 20 to present, on the sidelines of the official Haute-Couture fashion show calendar, a rising generation of oriental designers from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkestan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, Moldova … On January 21, the awards ceremony took place at the UNESCO house Discovering talents around the world, the Oriental Fashion Show is not just a fashion show. Indeed, the careful selection of creators selected for each edition is first the subject of a long work of research, meetings around the world, workshop visits and follow-up.

The challenge of a Parisian fashion show for these designers is not only to present collections of spring / summer dresses, but also to associate their work with the domain of art, culture and history. The vocation of the Oriental Fashion Show is to bring together the East and the West through fashion but also history, which is at the very heart of the approach of this event.

Indeed, it is by going back in time, along the legendary Silk Road that the Oriental Fashion Show rewinds the links which formerly existed, and which sometimes persist even today, between different regions. In the similarity of the embroideries, in the cut of a fabric, in the history of a garment such as the caftan, we glimpse this common history dating back several centuries that it is more important than ever to remember. The twenty designers who participated in this 34th edition of the Oriental Fashion Show are thus actors in bringing East and West together. Through their art, they participate in the harmonious marriage of French excellence and oriental know-how. And to thank the designers for their participation, the Oriental Fashion Show organized the following day at UNESCO a prize-giving ceremony for all the creators who presented their collections at the Carrousel du Louvre, the artists Xéna Aouita and David Serrero, the partners beauty, firstly Mr. Mohamed Al Sagheer, founder of Al Sagheer Group (Egypt), Elisabeth Visoanskade the brand of Haute Cosmétique Visoanska (Paris), Feryel Studio (Tunisia) and Kenzo Hair stylist (Paris), as well as Mrs. Aziza Belkhayat founder from ESCOM school (Fez)

This evening was supported by His Excellency Samir Edaahr, Permanent Delegate of the Kingdom of Morocco, in the presence of His Highness YM Yengku Hishamuddin Zaizi Prince of Selangor, His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mr. Sardor Rustambayev, and His Excellence Adam AL Mulla, Permanent Delegate Ambassador of Kuwait to UNESCO.


Created in Paris, the historic capital of fashion, the “Silk Road and Al Andalus” association, chaired by Madame Hind JOUDAR, aims to promote Grande Couture Orientale and strengthen the brand image of oriental designers. . Behind this commitment lies the desire to contribute to the preservation of clothing heritage, crafts and more generally the crafts, some of which are in the process of disappearing. To promote this culture in France and abroad, the association has organized a number of events, the most important of which is The Oriental Fashion Show.

the Oriental Fashion Show is an innovative and prestigious fashion event. Its podium is a real source of inspiration since it brings together both experienced designers and the rising generation who are bringing new life to fashion. Together, they offer a show under the sign of luxury, magnificence but above all the sublime in what is rare and precious.


Develop another vision of fashion, focused on the presentation of traditions and crafts.

Emphasize the committed dimension of this project, while promoting a fashion rooted in heritage, historical and cultural values but enriched with innovative and modern aspects.