SIERAAD Art Fair Amsterdam

Hoogenboom & Bogers Edelsmeden

All lovers of unusual jewellery, fashionistas, design aficionados and connoisseurs of art should keep the dates of 9 through 12 November open in their organizers, for on those days SIERAAD Art Fair will be held in the Gasholder on the Wester Gasterrein in Amsterdam. We would strongly urge everybody to start saving now, since the selection this fall will be simply spectacular. The fair is getting more international every year and as a result, according to insiders, more interesting and important. In the course of 4 days SIERAAD Art Fair offers a prominent cross section of worldwide contemporary jewellery design. Over 170 designers who work all kinds of materials which makes SIERAAD so special.

It does not happen very often that we organize an exposition at SIERAAD that we already know will be talked about a great deal. The main exhibition of SIERAAD 2017 will show a survey of 15 years of groundbreaking work by an international group of students (Bachelor and Master) of the faculty of Jewellery and Gems of the Idar-Oberstein campus of Trier university of applied science.

Photo by Arjen Veldt

Idar-Oberstein has a reputation to uphold. In the Middle Ages amethyst and agate were found here, raw materials that would become the basis of a lucrative mining industry. Add to this the Nahe River and you have a cheap and permanent source of energy supplying the hydropower necessary to make Idar-Oberstein into a great gem-processing industry.
In the 18th century the mine was exhausted. Half a century later German immigrants on the other side of the globe came to the rescue when large quantities of amethyst and agate were found in Brazil and shipped to Idar-Oberstein.
The traditional way in which gemstones are worked and processed usually puts them in the category of classical jewellery. The methods used by the students of the Idar-Oberstein campus may therefore safely be called revolutionary. For example, gems are literally pulverized and then built up again in order to give them a different form and content. An intensive research on new ways of handling gemstone maybe is the only way to give the old glory a new lustre.
This renaissance of (gem)stones in contemporary jewellery design may, to a large extent, be attributed to the university in Idar-Oberstein. The team around Ute Eitzenhöfer and Theo Smeets has steadily been working on building up an innovative campus of international importance.

Wonderment as driving force
On November 9, from 7-8 p.m. Marjan Unger and Suzanne van Leeuwen will be signing copies of their new book: Jewellery Matters, Eng., Rijksmuseum/Nai010 Publishers, € 39,95.
Jewellery Matters was written and edited by Art Historian and jewellery collector Marjan Unger, who is an internationally acknowledged expert in the field of jewellery and Junior Curator of Jewellery at the Rijksmuseum Suzanne van Leeuwen. The book design is by Irma Boom.

Hope Collier by Philip Sajet

Jewellery Matters delivers a set of standards on ‘why jewellery matters’ and was written in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. In 2010, Marjan and Gerard Unger donated a selection of 500 Dutch twentieth-century jewellery pieces from their personal collection to the Rijksmuseum. Marjan Unger has put together a special presentation for SIERAAD Art Fair of jewellery pieces that were incorporated in the book, called Verwondering (Wonder). The presentation shows her lifelong fascination for jewellery. The jewellery will be presented in the context of publications by herself and by the Rijksmuseum. Verwondering can be seen at the Ra Books stand116/11