Serip presents the “Forest of Light” at Design Shanghai

Follow the path of nature
Classic & Luxury Design Hall | Stand No. WP-61 | 6-9 March 2019

The Serip brand returns to Shanghai with a new space concept, featuring the most iconic collections as well as new bespoke designs and custom finishes.

The Portuguese brand is going to present the latest designs at Design Shanghai at Classic & Luxury Design Hall, Stand Nº. WP-61, from 6th till 9th of March.
The poetical beauty of nature will involve the different designs exhibited as Folio, Coral, Geyser, Luna, Lotus and much more. Pieces where the choice of materials raises the aesthetic in a deep exploration of the flawless beauty found in nature.
Serip will showcase new compositions, new finishes and new designs in collections with an evocative poetic reign, where sculptural forms of nature are eternalized through craftsmanship with unique handcrafted techniques and with a blend of superb materials such as glass and bronze.
Bespoke design is now a possibility for stairs handrails, door handles, room dividers and decorative elements for ceilings and walls for a more personalized touch in layouts.

During Design Shanghai, visitors will have the opportunity to embark on a design tour travelling along the several existing halls. In an ongoing initiative to bring design to all spaces in the show, Design Shanghai collaborates with Serip to present ‘Forest of Light’. Exploring manifestations of nature in Serip’s artfully crafted light pieces, and their interaction with natural elements, the resulting installation allows visitors a peaceful and inspiring journey through the ‘Forest of Light’.

About Serip
Famous for its strong approach to outstanding craftsmanship, Serip designs and produces nature-inspired chandeliers and home complements resulting in an organic design that stands out for its thorough attention to detail.
Serip’s exclusive and unique design based on nature’s powerful distinguished elements brings to life the concept of the brand – inspired by nature.
Founded in 1961, the heritage of Serip holds three generations of Portuguese craftsmanship, highlighting a creative bridge between artisans and designers, providing a unique point of view, contrasting with today’s production.
With a strong presence in the international market, exporting more than 96 per cent of production, Serip reaches more than 77 countries on five continents. At the moment the brand has three unique branded exhibition halls around the world, Singapore, Jakarta and Beijing are the exclusive stores in international soils.

Folio Collection
Inspired by the picturesque sight of autumn and its fallen maple leaves

Like a fragment of a whole, the Folio Collection has the intensity of a still moment directly withdrawn from nature. The natural form reflects the arbitrary composition of patterns in a complex set of reflections and contrasts resulting in a sense of an enchanted environment.

Ideal for: Vertical compositions and highlights in dining areas of classic and contemporary interiors
Material: Bronze and Glass
Lighting: LED Lighting

Luna Collection
Inspired by the full moon contrasting light

By the full moon contrasting light arises the Luna Collection, modern compositions with multiple rings of diffuse lighting. Designed under a mystical criteria of patterns, the circular pieces assume a position of high contrast, detail that incorporates them as distinctive and eccentric.

Ideal for: Decorative patterns in walls of modern interior concepts
Material: Bronze and Glass
Lighting: LED Lighting

Serip presents the newest design pieces, where nature has taken a step forward and gained a new way of life through the hands of our designers and artisans.
Bespoke design is now a possibility for stairs handrails, door handles, room dividers and decorative elements for ceilings and walls for a more personalized touch in project layouts.

Door handle

Inspired by the way a torso wriggles, creating new curves that balance all the shafts and twists. This shape looks like a tree trunk dancing to the sound of the wind breeze. The Torso handle personifies a sculpture of a sinuous body, almost like a frozen moment of nature.

Material: Bronze