Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018: 57th edition

The Salone del Mobile, showcasing the very top Italian and international products and “driver” of manufacturing in the city of Milan opens under the banner of its new Manifesto and fuelled by renewed optimism and dynamism.

The doors to the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the unmissable appointment for the sector at international level, and the showcase for creativity, innovation and quality par excellence, have swung open again. The 57th edition reprises the founding values of the event and its powerful links with Milan. The pillar of the event this year is its very first Manifesto: a declaration of intent geared to channelling the forces in Milan to work together to preserve the leadership role of both the event and the city, and attract ideas, projects and new resources.

President of the Salone del Mobile Claudio Luti had this to say: “When you look at the thousands of people streaming through the pavilions each day, it’s easy to understand why the Salone del Mobile.Milano is not just a simple trade fair but a global experience and an emotion that attracts companies, creatives, communicators and professionals from all over the world. Precisely because of this power of attraction, the Salone del Mobile is a great resource for the Italian system, concentrating the innovative excellence of thought and product in a single moment and in a single place. It is during these few days that the initial, virtuous and fruitful dialogue between productivity and creativity that will inform great projects over the coming months is sparked. This is where extraordinary meetings take place, capable of changing the course of things and triggering meaningful collaborations. This is where the words of the Manifesto come alive and become concrete, with business and cultural opportunities for those who believe in quality and in a future fuelled by internationalisation.”

The spotlight is now on an edition that strives to bring the focus back on the centrality of the very special relationship between extensive enterprise, city, region, communication network and culture that has grown up around the Salone del Mobile.Milano. An edition that resounds with a stronger than ever call for all the actors involved to further its preservation, help it grow and propel it into a global future. This is the only way it can maintain its centrality in the global panoply of events devoted to furnishing and design.

“Our connection with the territory is one of the cornerstones of our production chain and is what begot Made in Italy, as we know it today and for which we are universally recognised. The Salone del Mobile is the celebration of this story, and it is the best indicator of Italy’s position in the field of design, understood as the art of design, on which the reciprocal cross-pollination between different worlds thrives and attracts investments”, said President of Federlegno Arredo and FederlegnoArredo Eventi Emanuele Orsini. “The energy that the system unleashes all over the city in April is fuelled by a driving force that works on full power all year round. Our companies are looking forward to the most important week of the year with dynamism. The sector closed 2017 with an overall turnover of 41.5 billion euros, up 2%. The reason our wood furnishing manufacturing system has retained its position of leadership is because it has managed to preserve its creative DNA in Italy, passing it down from generation to generation, thus ensuring that the legacy of ideas that sets us apart from our European competitors and propels us across geographical borders has not been lost.”

5 events are taking place simultaneously, featuring 1,841 exhibitors: the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, EuroCucina along with FTK (Technology For the Kitchen), the International Bathroom Exhibition and SaloneSatellite, which is showcasing the work of 650 designers.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition showcase a huge, varied range of styles, featuring increasingly sophisticated, fluid and almost sartorial products, geared to respond to the individual requirements of every client. What all these pieces have in common is always and remains innovation, research and quality.

EuroCucina and FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) confirm the extraordinarily liveliness of a segment which has an excellent manufacturing system behind it. One that has always worked, right from the beginning and with huge commitment on innovation, technology, product quality and display.

The International Bathroom Exhibition bears witness to two years of hugely dynamic growth, in a sector that is now working on the issue of sustainable quality. A commitment that means taking all the aspects of sustainable manufacturing on board – from design to industrial development, to financial plan, marketing and communication process and post sales service. This culminates in design that incorporates the principles of the circular economy and translates into green orientated, ethically responsible products that are increasingly research-centred.

SaloneSatellite is playing host to 650 young talents presenting work spanning heritage and contemporaneity, the new technologies and craftsmanship. A mix of experimentation, memory, nature and the force of matter, anthropomorphism, creative recycling, crosspollination and digital effects, all with the power to amaze and excite.

Underscoring and valorising its links with Milan, the Salone is bringing the Living Nature.
La natura dell’abitare project into the city. Developed in partnership with the Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) international design and innovation studio, it was located in Piazza del Duomo, in front of Palazzo Reale. Living Nature is an absolutely unique laboratory that combines design, engineering and botany to test ways in which a space, be it domestic or urban, can be made more human-friendly by harnessing natural resources in a sustainable manner.