Personalized jewelry by Eigenmann Juwelen!

The landscape of jewelry design is always full of cheeky surprises that are bound to mesmerize women across the world in many ways. This is what drives the designers and makers excitedly enough to continue their quest to come up with preciously elegant designs every season. What’s noteworthy here is that the Netherlands is blessed with such terrific fine jewelry designers to a large extent. In this context, the magnetic pieces designed by The Hague-based jewelry label Eigenmann Juwelen are undoubtedly a big winner. Founded by Puck Eigenmann 40 years ago, it has always been known for its groundbreaking but still recognizable classic style thanks to her relentless quest for designing pieces which are supposedly quirky, striking and pure in design language.


While Puck is the art director, the intuitive aesthetic eye always searching for unique personal touches in beauty, Annemarie (her life partner) is the business leader, context creator and inspirator from her educational background as an art and culture historian. Puck & her team make sure that all the jewels designed in their own atelier in The Hague are the result of a personal story and are of the highest quality in design, materials and in crafting techniques. Her eye-catching unique strength revolves around blending noble metals and gemstones with less obvious materials like git, ebony, enamel and coral.

A combination of earrings and rings in 18 carat white gold, brilliant cut diamonds,
heavenly blue starlite and rare light blueTahiti pearls

Reaching that ambitious quality goal every time anew is the challenge they love as a team. High quality jewelry for Eigenmann always results from the optimal balance in the area of aesthetic design, material quality and technical ingenuity while maintaining the sustainability factor,” she says.

“We believe in going on a journey with our clientele while creating what they want.
Every step is taken in conjunction with what they expect from us. It’s a rewarding feeling.”

It’s no surprise that she along with her dynamic team is always ready to guide her clientele in choosing appropriate jewels that explicitly accentuate their personality. They make sure their clients’personal collections are truly a unique unity and are expandable.

“After all, we’re offering them a box collection that contains precious memories.
Whenever they reveal it, they will only feel jubilated beyond one’s expectations,”
Annemarie says.

Earrings in 18 carat white gold with brilliant cut diamonds and coral

There are a number of marvelous specific Eigenmann label collections from the past that are still popular with her clients. As per their liking, Puck has altered these pieces with absolute exquisiteness. So whenever you are in The Hague and looking forward to carry a memory of this great city with you, just drop by her store. Don’t forget she has got something for everybody; collections that are within budget too.

A Combination of a ring and lock in ebony and aquamarine