New people, new markets and new energy despite Corona crisis

There is sadness around the world and businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water. We all want this Corona virus to go away and to see entrepreneurship thrive again. I am sending our partners and our readers some happy thoughts and hoping for that creative vibe you have to not diminish. Better times are around the corner but, in the meantime, let’s use this time to talk.

I do have some happy news to share, and that’s to talk about our new commercial team in Spain, Mexico and South America. This market is very strong in the area of luxury brands and events.  Our team’s commercial director, Ivonne, is a successful and passionate sales professional and adds to the enormous drive on the team to find partners on this continent. The Mexican-Spanish makeup of our office makes us a powerful force. We love the new people we’ve been meeting!

With Asia, Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and USA already represented, we believe that Mexico and South America were the missing links in our global magazines. This continent holds a strong market share in the fashion and beauty industry and plays an important role in travel.

I have visited this continent many times and the growth I’ve seen here in the international business sector is very impressive. I can’t wait to start working with our new event partners and show the world the amazing designs coming out of this area and for the opportunities for future events and collaborations.

As businesses wait this out and look to better times, there is an opportunity to be creative. Use this time to connect with new markets and get ready for those post-Corona days. Our digital world offers wonderful tools for reaching out and working together. Keep that great entrepreneurial attitude and give your colleagues the motivation they need. I have already had many digital meetings where we have worked, brainstormed and laughed. Challenges aside, we can still get the best year-end results.

To help with that, we will launch a new luxury sales platform that starts with our Christmas Special: Happy Holidays. We believe that if luxury brands still want to make great sales in 2020, Christmas is the best time to do it. It’s when people are ready to give their loved ones big presents to make up for the sadness they experienced earlier in the year. Christmas is a great after-Corona sales period.

Hang on to that creativity and share your humour, your ideas and your friendship with your business network so we can help each other grow while we wait for better times.

In the meantime, I look forward to talking about Spanish-Mexican-South American adventures and can’t wait for you to join us.

Welcome to our EuropeanLife family!
Ivonne, Karla, Marianna, Sonia

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Bernadet Bijsterbosch