Mexico’s Tourist Tianguis March 2021

 The 45th Edition of the Tourist Tianguis in Merida city will take place in March 2021

Mexico’s Tianguis has now been reinvented as a two-part event, the first being a virtual event in September followed by an on-location event in March 2021.

Yucatan’s tourism has had a boom, especially in the last two years, thanks to a substantial increase in air connectivity and the products focused on specific segments, such as luxury, wellness, incentives, LGBT, romance, congresses and conventions. Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism selected the state of Yucatan as the official destination host of the country’s most important travel trade event, the Tianguis Turistico, which the destination has re-envisioned the conference as a two-part event, with the first Digital Tianguis Turístico México to be held in September 2020 as a preamble to a face to face event in March 2021.

The head of the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marques, added that for the first time in its history, the most important tourism event in Mexico will update its format to meet six objectives:

  1. Protect the health of all Mexicans and participants of Tianguis Turístico.
    2. Promptly reactivate tourism in the country.
    3. Empathize and support an industry that has been financially affected.
    4. Further evolve and innovate Tianguis Turístico, in alignment with the latest trends in the meetings segment.
    5. To be an edition of Tianguis Turístico that is inclusive, a first for the show.
    6. The continuation of an event that belongs to all of us, one that we should preserve as an important institution that represents us all.

More than 7,000 one-on-one B2B meetings will take place during the event, enhancing the positioning of the state of Yucatan as one of the favorite destinations of the 21st century travelers. The State of Yucatan is a proud recipient of different accolades by airlines, specialized agencies and media, including Conde Nast Traveler, which named Merida, the region´s capital, as one of the friendliest cities in the world and one of the best cities to be visited by travelers. This, according to the magazine, is thanks to its varied and exotic portfolio of experiences in a mystical land, full of charm, ancient history, magic and color.

Mexico’s state of Yucatán offers visitors transformative experiences across a land rich in history. Home to a thriving Maya community, culture and gastronomy rooted in the colonial era, and some of Mexico’s finest architecture, the state is a must for anyone looking to emerge themselves in Mexican culture. Mérida, offers a unique duality of both ancient Mayan culture and modern facilities. Mérida makes an excellent home base for visiting the rest of the state and its remote micro-destinations, where social distancing is a way of life rather than a concerted effort, this is why the city is the perfect destination to carry out this important event for the international tourism sector.