Joya – Jewellery art fair

JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair celebrated its seventh edition with a great selection of international artists, combining fashion with the best of art jewellery.

The seventh edition of JOYA Barcelona has been a success and consolidated the event as the main art jewellery fair in Spain. Fulfilling its objective, JOYA has promoted national and international artists through the exhibition and communication, with a selection of the best representatives of art jewellery field. For the second year, the Arts Santa Mónica, has become home of more than 200 artists and more than 2,000 visitors attended the three-day event.

Undoubtedly, JOYA become a “must” place for all art jewellery connoisseurs and a “meeting point” for professionals, artists, galleries, collectors and jewellery lovers.

With the effort to innovate in every edition, this year JOYA created a link between the artists and the fashion world with the exhibition “Les Mettisages”, curate by the Italian Nichka Marobin that brought us into the world of fashion combining them with art jewellery pieces. Its similarity to “pret a porter” designs was mixed with talented avant-garde designers from Japan, Australia and Thailand.

Continuing with the same mood, we have invited the photographer Andrea Bielsa, specialized in fashion, which captured the essence of the pieces of the artists participating in a magnificent editorial, that was exposed in Arts Santa Mónica and in the Palacio de Congresos, where Espaijoia celebrated its fair.

For the first time, we collaborated with an international fashion magazine, Avenue Illustrated gave us the opportunity to show the pieces of the artists in a trendy editorial and presented the new magazine at the closing ceremony of JOYA at the Design Hub Barcelona, where we also exhibited for 18 days “Bijoux Jeu”, a collection of 280 pieces that are part of the Swiss Confederation and MUDAC, representing the best of Swiss art jewellery, and for the first time exhibited in Spain.

To close the event and celebrate Excellency in the art jewellery field, the big winner of this year was South Korean artist Jeemin Jamie Chung, winner of JOYA AWARD 2015 with the collection “Two Drops”, pieces that simulate the structural changes of plants; symmetrical structures based on tension and gravity.

List of winners JOYA 2015:

Author Award 2015: Katja Toporski
Alliages Legacy Award 2015: Sebastien Carré
International Prize Arte y Joya: Hester van de Kolk-Popma
Enjoiat: Professional: Lauren Kalman
Student: Akiko Shinzato
Alchimia Award: Jung Jae-Ryung

JOYA Official Video 2015:



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