Interactive magazine for customer engagement

With summer back, beaches open again and events about to reappear on the world stage, EuropeanLife has introduced the perfect after–corona virus marketing tool; the Interactive Magazine.

Events and brands more than ever have to focus on product quality, customer experience and public engagement to be seen on the market as part of the “new normal”. The COVID-19 pandemic is driving a growing trend towards digitization of luxury events and shopping. We are all looking for that perfect new presentation and customer experience that will feed the growth of our company.

Your event should be more like a website, a store where your visitor can wander around and see products in 3D or where exhibitors can show off their product in their stand in the best light, whether customers are physically in the store or the event venue or not.

The focus now is on bringing new digital experiences to life in the physical world of your visitor, your exhibitor and your client. Focusing on the digital transformation of the in-store experience will be one of the main areas of focus for most event owners. Customers need to be part of this event experience, be educated about the product and feel the vibe of the store and the event world as we know it.

Oksana Sokolovsky, founder of ROAR, said in an interview: “I believe that Augmented reality (AR) with Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact on the retail industry. It has the ingredients and the potential. AR can enable retailers to create immersive, engaging consumer experience and can enable retailers with data analytics related to consumer choices, behavior, engagement” . . . and so should events!

EuropeanLife is ready for this technology in the event world and offers an Interactive Magazine for the luxury event and luxury sales market. With this magazine, we prepare our partners to rise above the event industry as we know it and enhance the status of their event. With our Interactive Magazine, they take a step towards digital transformation and blur the line between the online and offline event experience.

We make it possible for our partners to purchase technology and increase engagement digitally at the same time in the most professional way.

Let us create a digitally powered and immersive experience for your event visitors, exhibitors and luxury buyers and increase customer engagement at the same time!

Grow with us into the new future!

We look forward to seeing you on our platforms, in our magazine or on our website!
Let’s stick together!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch