HOFA Gallery at ‘Context’ Art Miami 2019

HOFA Gallery to showcase the work of avantgarde contemporary artists at ‘Context’ Art Miami 2019
(3 – 8 December, 2019) 

HOFA Gallery is thrilled to announce that it will join the international art community at ‘Context’ Art Miami 2019 fair from December 3 – 8 in Miami, Florida. The 2019 edition marks the 30th anniversary of Art Miami and will be HOFA’s second appearance at this prestigious international contemporary art fair.

Art Miami is famous for bringing the art world together for a historically record-setting art extravaganza. Art collectors, dealers, connoisseurs, gallerists and museum specialists from around the world are billed to congregate in Miami this December for this landmark industry event which by all indications, will facilitate millions of dollars in art sales, yielding record profits for galleries and artists alike.

This year, HOFA Gallery will showcase 8 contemporary artists who are considered to be trendsetters and masters of their respective milieus. These include Asian sculptural painters, Ilhwa Kim and Zhuang Hong Yi, whose extraordinarily detailed works are an artistic ode to nature, endlessly fascinating and intriguing in their organic multiplicity and texture richness. Wang Ziling’s imaginative landscapes of sculpted acrylic, with flowing colours unbound by frames and seemingly extended in space, will also be on display.

Anthony James, Icosahedron, 2019. Steel, glass and LED lights, 100cm.

Also to feature in HOFA Gallery’s space are the pop-art inspired contemporary portraitures of Romina Ressia and Maxim Walkultschik. Both artists approach the same subject matter, women, from different perspectives and with different artistic styles. Romina’s painterly photographic technique combines trademark tropes of classical painters with pop-culture objects. This potent contrast initiates dialogue of the assumed evolution of how women are perceived in modernity by way of critique. Maxim’s portraits, with their distinctive haunting, dreamscape quality and inner luminosity, investigate the dynamic personalities and experiences of women.

Joining this illustrious group are renowned mixed-media artists Anthony James, Joseph Klibansky, Camille Hannah Bran Symondson and Emmanuelle Rybojab. Their masterful use of contradictory elements provides a stimulating artistic experience as well as reasoned critiques of pertinent issues and dimensions of contemporary life. Themes found in their works include the destructiveness of warfare, gun violence, mortality, recollection, despair and the false facades of modernity.

Ilhwa Kim, Seed Universe 106, 2019. Han-dyed Hanji paper, 164cm x 132cm x 15cm.

HOFA has chosen to feature artists whose works are timely in subject matter, 3-dimensional in form and interactive in experience. The 9 artists selected share an artistic boldness, and their works are ambitious in scale, medium as well as subject matter. HOFA Gallery’s space at Art Miami 2019 will provide an opportunity to experience and acquire some of the best contemporary mixed-media art of our time.

Zhuang Hong Yi , Joseph KlibanskyIlhwa KimWang ZilingRomina RessiaMaxim WalkultschikAnthony JamesCamille HannahBran Symondson and Emmauelle Rybojab will be exhibited at HOFA Galleryat ‘Context’ Art Miami 3 – 8 December, 2019.

Camille Hannah’s work displayed in HOFA Gallery (Los Angeles) in 2019

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In 2018 HOFA Gallery was the first art gallery in the world to make their entire collection available in cryptocurrency.