Events are back in business!

Vacation will soon be over and people will be getting back to business. Here at EuropeanLife Media, we love our jobs and the partners we work with, so the recent time of lockdowns and quarantines left us pretty unhappy.

We missed the brands, events and, of course, people we work with. We have been waiting for the economies to get back to better levels and we are now happy that vacation time is over and people are getting back to work.

It is the middle of August, and events knocking on our doors again. They want to start working together and are ready to score, just like we are!

Surprisingly there are events from parts of the world we did not expect to see this year:
The 2020 Qatar Boat Show, World Art Dubai (a fair with the most beautiful and colorful images we’d love to see in our magazine). Even events in Africa are ready to start up again!

We are excited to show our audience that we are ready to get back to work too! We recently introduced a new Interactive Magazine where we bring the pages, the products and the people of our magazine to life. This is a great opportunity to show your business in moving images—a great marketing tool for customer engagement.

We have also expanded our series of magazines around the world, with a new, great magazine: Special Africa. This magazine features commercial director, Alberta Odame Awuah who has her heart in Africa and has worked as a project manager in Europe for many years. We are so excited to work with her!”

And finally, we are exciting to work on a new regular publication; “Passion for Luxury”, that will put out a new issue in September/October 2020.

It is a joy to see all these brands passing by, ready to succeed in the new, after-COVID-19 world.

While EuropeanLife Media is growing as a company and working side by side with countless brands, events and entrepreneurs, we realize that many countries are still struggling and need help to get back to where they were before COVID-19.

What companies need to start growing and get ready for the future is simple: collaboration, networking and partnerships. We are all in this together, and no one can do it alone.”

Let’s grow together! Reach out to us to become part of our International Community!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch