Event visibility is a choice!

In the past months, we have seen many international event organisations cancel their events due to Covid-19. The financial damage from these cancellations has been too extensive for some companies to handle. People have been fired and offices closed.

The past week has brought signs that the event industry is starting up again, which gives us hope. For a while, we feared that events as we know them would no longer take place, events in which EuropeanLife has participated and at which many brands have showcased their great products to the world, such as Design Shanghai, the International Property Show Dubai, the Miami Boat Show, the Milan Jewellery Show and Pan Amsterdam—all beautiful fairs that countless participants and visitors enjoy. Who doesn’t know the story of Baselworld, an icon in the world of events that slowly collapsed and whose organisers must now consider how and whether it will come back at all?

If these events were to change, what would the result look like? Digital presentations? Screens between the stands? Only 30 people entering at a time? How profitable could an exchange of such international allure remain?

EuropeanLife is an important partner in promoting and making trade fairs visible, so we know how many people enjoy working to make them attractive marketplaces where brands and buyers meet. Now that everything seems ready to start up again, it is more important than ever that visitors and participants be able to find their way back to the fair. This will be a crucial task for events in the coming year.

We are ready to get back to work with our partners to elevate the 2021 events to an even higher level, enabling the world to enjoy this spectacle in a glossy magazine in which exhibitors can tell their story, share the enthusiasm and give readers a glimpse of that inspiring exhibition feeling. To enhance visibility everywhere, we have doubled the size of our teams and opened offices in the USA, Latin America, the UK and the Middle East. Our belief is that visibility is possible only when brands and events are seen repeatedly over a long period and as close as possible to the target group. We are ready for it. Now, after Covid-19, it is more important than ever to become visible on the world stage. It’s time to bring the event industry back to the level of 2019 … and higher!

In a world drastically changed by Covid-19, EuropeanLife’s motto is; ‘Be visible or be vulnerable!’ Visibility is a choice.

We will contact the events soon to build partnerships and be ready as soon as the events start again. As their partner, we are determined to be strong together.

We look forward to seeing you on our platforms, in our magazine or on our website!

Let’s stick together!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch