EuropeanLife Specials – The Right Message to The Right Audience

Over the past decades, the world has become fully globalized and we are becoming more digitial as well, particularly in these times of uncertainty. Companies are rapidly adapting, trying to find new ways of keeping their businesses going. The digital transformation is emerging as something mandatory, unavoidable and urgent for every business owner. It was in that spirit that EuropeanLife was created and we can now proudly say that we are able to provide the best tools, expertise, technology and professionals, fully dedicated to each client, regardless of their location.

Despite the democratization of luxury, there are still important factors that are specific to one culture or geographic area and that cannot be dealt with as a whole. That is why the right segmentation is vital for brands and business owners. It will allow them to reach their target specific wants and needs, channeling all the efforts to create stronger and more efficient marketing campaigns. For that, EuropeanLife developed its glossy Special magazines, tailored for consumers in four specific areas around the world: Middle East, Latin America, the USA and the UK & Europe. Business owners have the opportunity to showcase their brands in an exclusive online magazine, increasing their international visibility and ensuring the distribution of in a variety of channels that will be seen by their target group.

In addition, consumers will likewise benefit from this segmentation. The diversity across the globe makes consumption habits different from region to region or even country to country. While some markets are already saturated, there are others that still have much to thrive. Moreover, among several other aspects, consumers’ attitude towards luxury differs depending on where they are located, which means the best way to approach these consumers is by knowing and understanding what lies behind their choices. For instance, in emerging countries consumers are not engage to some luxury brands as in Europe, which means communication should be carried in distinct ways.

Furthermore, consumers’ attention is at its lowest. People are hit with a copious amount of information on a daily basis. When they actually stop to read something, they want to be sure it is the right article for them. At EuropeanLife, there is a dedicated team in each of these regions committed to understanding consumers’ behavior and focused in responding rapidly, showcasing the best brands and latest trends, providing a seamless experience in each EuropeanLife Special publication.

All in all, at EuropeanLife Special our team is focused in building a relationship of trust and credibility. We do our best to provide the finest bespoke solutions to business owners, allowing them to story tell their brand in our pages while, at the same time, reaching the right customer and grabbing their attention by providing the best experience. This creates engagement and ensures that readers are pushed into purchasing. EuropeanLife Special will ensure the right message reaches the right customer.

By Laura Doria, EuropeanLife Magazine.