Drop the wait-and-see attitude!

It’s May, which means it’s springtime and an important time for luxury sales. People always get a bit crazy this time of year; winter is gone and it is time to be outside, seeing the new colours and new fashions and meeting new people.

I personally always have the urge in the spring to not only clean my house but also redesign it. I like to surround myself with new colours, get a haircut and make new plans. It’s a mistake to have a wait-and-see-attitude until new opportunities come knocking on your door. That is not going to happen, and if you don’t kick yourself back into creative entrepreneurship, a lockdown due to COVID-19 might kick you down.

But that is not the case at EuropeanLife — quite the opposite! We are seeing opportunities and developing new collaborations and we have a lot of energy.

Last week, we started a new social media campaign. We found some crazy, professional, ambitious girls who are in lockdown in Barcelona and showing the world our new magazines. These girls know how to find our luxury community and give us all new energy.

Because we’re finding new brands and new events and gaining new followers across the world, it feels like we’re having a thorough spring cleaning in the office. In fact, we recently had our first ever Instagram Live interview with a very successful influencer to bring us the latest news on the jewellery industry. This is a great new way for us to share more news of the luxury industry.

We are also working on a collaboration with the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) to make their new PWN Global Entrepreneurship Academy, a glossy, successful magazine. It is such a joy to give professional female entrepreneurs a place on the international stage and to help them grow and be seen by their target groups.

While the whole world is waiting to get out of this lockdown, we hope that our partners, our followers and our friends find their way back to the market and that soon we can work together again. With the expansion of our team, we are ready to face the world economy and bring some successful magazines to the market.

After our EuropeanLife Specials (and Middle East, United Kingdom and South America), we start next week with our new Special: United States of America! We are proud to showcase these brands and events to the rest of the world.

We get a lot of emails and messages about the luxury industry and we can all agree on one thing: in this time, we luxury lovers should stick together, beat this crisis and get back to normal soon!

We look forward to seeing you on our platforms, in our magazine or on our website!

Let’s stick together!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch