Dubai International Horse Fair has started

Dubai International Horse Fair to shine the spotlight on the scientific advances making equine healthcare as sustainable as it is digital

From “cold” therapy e-lasers to sunlight-mimicking behavioral bulbs, DIHF 2019 – taking place this week – will showcase innovation that is transforming stables

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Heat-free laser light therapy, one-of-a-kind sunlight-mimicking lightbulbs and therapeutic medicine first used by humans but now a natural remedy for treating equine illness are amongst some of the latest healthcare innovations that will make their Middle Eastern debut at this weekend’s Dubai International Horse Fair.

Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from Thursday March 21st through to Saturday 23rd, the hugely-popular annual event is the region’s premier horse-riding exhibition, meeting the needs of owners, buyers and all-levels of equine enthusiast. It will also host the 16th Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship.

The show will welcome hundreds of international product suppliers catering to all aspects of horse ownership – none more-so than that of health and wellbeing. The Global Equine Healthcare Market is expected to be worth US$ 752.76million by the end of 2023, growth analysts attribute to current trends in technologically-innovative, sustainable treatments and prevention. The 2019 Dubai International Horse Fair will put these advances front and centre, welcoming many to the region for the very first time.

US-firm Multi Radiance – a debut participant at the Dubai International Horse Fair – will present their unique healing lasers that use light photons to convert fuel into energy, meaning no heat is required. Laser therapy is generally used to treat pain and illness associated with soft tissue injuries, common in horses due to their performance related activities. Lasers are subject to strict regulations in transportation, with burns an occasional side effect. This is an issue Multi Radiance seek to eliminate.

“Our Multi Radiance Medical’s ACTIVet PRO lasers are cordless and small,” said Mark Strong, the company’s director. “They offer quick pain relief, reduce inflammation and heal wounds. Our clients with Arabian steeds have had their horses treated using our laser with great success, so it is very exciting for us to be in the Middle East for the Dubai International Horse Fair where we can share our laser within a global setting.”

A survey undertaken by first-time French exhibitor Proximal ahead of this year’s Dubai International Horse Fair highlighted the role customised lighting is now playing in the transition of horses from indoor to outdoor settings. Its findings revealed lower heart rates and reduced stress levels in the animals when lighting combinations were applied, prompting Proximal to develop a lighting solution controlled by the physiological characteristics of the horse, which factors in the animal’s temperament and vision.

By partnering up with veterinarians and specialists in both chronobiology and ethology, Proximal developed a one-of-a-kind LED lighting solution that features a combination of tunable white and different colours in a single lighting fixture, specifically targeted to improve horse welfare and comfort.

“The market is flooded with LED lighting but our technology goes further than that. We are the first to offer a lighting solution controlled by the characteristics of the horse, which takes into account the horse itself,” said Bruno Duvault, Founder of Proximal Equine Lighting. “The Dubai International Horse Fair with its global community is the perfect opportunity to present our solutions and services for the first time in the Middle East.”

Also making its mark within the equine healthcare industry is Belgium-based Horse Remedy, who will be premiering their latest batch of natural medicine at this year’s Fair – medicine that advanced upon human-use to meet the needs of horses. Director Frederique Cauffmann explained: “We are excited to introduce our exclusive range of Probotics initially used for human consumption but newly adapted for horses using a combination of lactobacilli and bacilli. This allows us to offer more solutions with regards to the horse’s gut which in turn improves the horse’s overall performance.”

More than 10,000 buyers, professionals, breeders and enthusiasts from over 25 countries in the equestrian industry will attend the Dubai International Horse Fair, with more than 200 brands and companies exhibiting. New countries exhibiting this year include China, Chile, Lebanon, Malaysia, Serbia, Turkey and the US.

Show Director Asma Al Sharif said: “The Dubai International Horse Fair has consistently attracted experts in the global equestrian healthcare industry – breeders, veterinaries and medical suppliers – who bring with them a wealth of knowledge in equine healthcare. This year’s innovation will once again take horse health and wellbeing in the Middle East to the next level, and we’re proud to bring that to a region that has such a passion and appreciation for these incredible animals.”

The 15th edition of the Dubai International Horse Fair 2019 will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, March 21-23. Open to both trade visitors and the general public, admission is free and children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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