Design Shanghai, March 2018


Returning for its 5th year in March 2018, Design Shanghai will once again span across five design halls, including the highly-exclusive Collectible Design hall. Welcoming a host of designers, creators and artists who have previously only presented at art shows and galleries, Design Shanghai will showcase the highest level of global talent. Taking over a larger space than in past years, the Collectible Design hall will feature even more limited-edition design, strengthening its position at the intersection between the worlds of art, architecture and design.

Design Shanghai is solely responsible for introducing the concept of Collectible Design to China, offering the first commercial space to showcase limited edition design works by both international and Chinese designers that engage both emotion and intellect. The design hall is the first platform to merge the key influencers, tastemakers and pioneers from the international design market with talented bespoke local designers allowing all to experience and appreciate both regional and global design works.

Each year, a number of brands and galleries are hand-selected to present their remarkable one-off designs within the Collectible Design hall. These exhibitors come from across the globe, and 2018 will see the return of legendary design team Zaha Hadid Design, contemporary art aficionados Galerie Dumonteil and Gallery All, as well as Swarovski, AnaFatia, Wiener Silber Manufactur and Brand Van Egmond.

Presenting at Design Shanghai’s Collectible Design hall for the first time in 2018 will be renowned crystal manufacturers Baccarat, soviet design specialists Heritage Gallery Moscow, Buben & Zorweg, ONKK, Ozasia, Studio WYND and DRAMA. Also new to the hall will be social entrepreneurship The Skateroom who collaborate with renowned contemporary artists to create limited edition artworks on skateboards.

The demand for unique masterpieces has grown at an exceptional rate, and Design Shanghai brings the best of both Western and Chinese design, with Morgan Morris returning as Director of the Collectible Design hall. Morris began her involvement within the Chinese cultural scene over 17 years ago and has a deep understanding of both Chinese and Western cultures, which makes her a genuine link between the two worlds. Also on board in 2018 is renowned hospitality designer DB Kim, who brings a wealth of expertise in the hotel and property industries.

“For its 5th consecutive year, Collectible at Design Shanghai continues to innovate in its approach, seeking to bring thought provoking and stimulating limited edition design works to Shanghai’s very cosmopolitan and sophisticated public. Design Shanghai 2018 will feature a special focus on links with the fast-evolving Chinese hospitality sector and the numerous opportunities it provides for bespoke commissions.”
– Morgan Morris, Director of Collectible Design Hall

Design Shanghai
14th-17th March 2018
Shanghai Exhibition Centre