“Connecting”, SIERAAD Art Fair

Actually, connecting is really what we have been doing with SIERAAD ART FAIR ever since the beginning. We have always made the connection between the designer/maker and the buyer, whether this be a private individual, aficionado/collector or the road to a gallery of museum. From the unique, contemporary object to fashion jewellery, or from classic to present-day jewellery, where the variety in materials often formed the link with the story behind it. Connections between Museums and SIERAAD with striking presentations @SIERAAD in the last few years.

Connection is also what we keep reminding our participants of; and every year this comes to the surface when artists from all corners of the world meet each other again during SIERAAD.

John Moore

This year we offer a new connection: the Foundation Jewellery Collections, (Stichting Sieraden Collecties SSC)will put the central exhibition together with work of its members with – and how can it be otherwise – for its theme ‘linking’. What is synonymous for linking in many pieces of jewellery: links and chains – and these will be the guiding principle in this presentation. The exhibition centres round the theme of ‘the link’ and presents a selection from 12 private collections. Each showcase tells a short story about the collector and his/her fascination.

The second presentation @RABooks at SIERAAD,  The Jerven Ober Collection:

The Jerven Ober Collection is a modest one comprising about 300 pieces. It is an interesting collection because Jerven Ober (1942-2009) and his then wife Annelies van der Schatte Olivier got acquainted with contemporary jewellery design relative early on –they bought their first piece at Galerie Sieraad in Amsterdam (1969-1975), one day after the opening of the gallery. Moreover, when he was director (1975-1985) of the then van Reekeumgalerij in Apeldoorn (now CODA Museum), Jerven Ober influenced jewellery design in The Netherlands by introducing the colourful and less rigid work of English jewellery designers.

Jantje Fleischhut

A third presentation will be: From Walter to Astrid/ St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. During SIERAAD Art Fair, research platform Precious Dialogue and Studio sieraad of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp presents ‘From Walter to Astrid’. This exhibition displays pieces of jewellery of students, researchers and designers that have been made using the industrially manufactured chains of Walter Fischer, one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers. ‘From Walter to Astrid’ takes place in the context of the research project Speaking Jewellery that examines the concept of jewelleryness: what are the artistic qualities, such as wearibility, glance and detailing, that make an object into a piece of jewellery?

Then over 120 stands with over 170 designers from really all over the Globe. We are so proud to have such a wonderful selection of jewellery designers at this years 17th edition in the Gashouder in Amsterdam.

There is no better connection and certainly not these days where many things come together, and where connection is essential for the many moments that each of us has to deal with in his life.

An other important, new, link this year are our lectures, 7 in total read more: https://www.sieraadartfair.com/nl/

Shaya Durbin Moonstone