Bisutex Madrid is celebrating its most complete edition

The Fair presents the new trends and innovations in store for this Autumn-Winter season by 549 companies and brands from 23 countries

This fair organised by IFEMA will take place from 20 to 24 September in Hall 8 at Feria de Madrid

With fashion taking centre stage, the new jewellery and accessory ideas for the Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 season are back stronger than ever at Hall 8 in Feria de Madrid for BISUTEX, the International Jewellery and Accessories Fair organised by IFEMA from 20 to 24 September 2017.

This edition of the Fair will be one of the most complete since it began, with 549 businesses and brands taking part to reveal their novelties and trends, 92 of which are new this year. The international section of the Fair will also be particularly powerful at this edition, with participants from Andorra, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, India, Italy, Mexico, the Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, the USA and Venezuela, helping to reinforce the position of BISUTEX among the most competitive events in this sector in Europe.

The range of products at BISUTEX are displayed across a surface area of 8,701.5 m2, including an array of new items ranging from the latest in jewellery to fantasy watches, eyewear, handbags, belts, hair accessories, scarves, hats and much more. As usual, there will be a considerable section dedicated to Leather Goods and Travel Items.

Signature jewellery and creative ideas at the MINI stands

Adding to the vast variety of products on offer at BISUTEX are the MINI stands. At this edition of the Fair, there will be 50 Spanish and international brands showcasing their products on the MINI stands along aisles A and B of Hall 8 to form an exclusive area for young companies and designers inspired by originality and state of the art, with a great deal of craftsmanship. The BISUTEX MINIS will include signature items together with the most creative collections made of natural materials. Collections inspired by the Mediterranean, Mexico, rustic styles, religious themes… They will also feature silver and combinations of glass and fabric, as well as enamel paint, aluminium and paper, natural stones, gilt brass, pearls and other stunning elements. The colour palette is dominated by autumn tones such as grey, brown and blue, with some bolder collections including red, green and yellow.

Full house at the ARCHI Space

The ARCHI Space will once again be hosting a series of companies specialising in the medium-high-end segment, presenting exclusive proposals by 16 exhibitors representing a score of brands in the middle of Hall 8.

Most of the companies attending this edition were here last time, such as DCM Argentona; Demiim; Del Carmen; Enso Canarias; Exentri; Handed By; La Formula; Kunz; OX Gemelos, and Ras, and the results were excellent.  This time, ARCHI will include acknowledged silver jewellery brands such as Govantes, as well as labels specialising in aluminium wallets such as Ogon Designs;  textile accessories such as Trusa and Santacana, who specialise exclusively in gloves, hats and scarves; and Exnovo Bijoux, who expertly design unique items of jewellery using nickel-free metals, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

Bisutex premieres with an official blogger

Bisutex is introducing an official blogger. The chosen influencer is   María José Gordillo (@mjose_ps). This initiative began during the last edition in February, when a selection process was carried out on social networks thanks to the “Battle of the Bloggers” contest, which produced figures such as 22,286 likes and 680 comments on Instagram. The ultimate goal of this idea is to engage an experienced influencer with a high number of followers to help spread the word about all of the novelties and major trends presented by the Fair’s participating companies.

Useful information and learning at the Speaker’s Corner

As well as discovering the latest novelties and trends in the sector, professionals visiting Bisutex will have access to a varied programme of talks, presentations and workshops at the Speaker’s Corner   of MadridJoya (Hall 10), where experts from companies and associations linked to the sector will discuss interesting topics and provide training opportunities to help visitors boost their business strategies.

In addition to specific jewellery-related subjects, the company Teinor will be delivering two presentations on e-commerce to talk about the “Present and Immediate Future of Online Stores with Teinor” and how to “Create Your New Online Store with Teinor. Also at Speaker’s Corner, Engine Software will be talking about the value of digital marketing during a roundtable entitled “Keys and Trends That Will Shape Online Sales in Our Sector over the Next 5 Years, as well as a series of conferences on  “Motivations and Drawbacks of E-Business” and “Software on the Cloud. Advantages and Opportunities. A lot will be said about the value of Social Networks in business by the consultancy firm Brainprise during the sessions on “How to Sell More with Social Networks?.

Tributes and After-Fair Event

For the second year running, Bisutex will be rewarding the loyalty of the professionals attending this huge commercial event by acknowledging the work of some of the most emblematic establishments in Spain. 

This edition’s tribute will be for Sabina Complementos, specialising in jewellery and accessories since 1970. This family business currently has two establishments in Seville: one on Calle Tetuán and the other in Nervión.  One of the owners of the company, Sabina Castilla, explained that “I have been coming to Bisutex for 15 years with my family and I haven’t missed a single edition since it started.”

The award ceremony will take place during the After-Fair celebration, on Friday 22 September at 8 pm, which will also be a chance to acknowledge the work and loyalty of Rosa García Decoración, with stores in Navarre, La Rioja and Aragón, and Saphir Joyeros from the Canary Islands, who are also regular visitors at the Intergift and MadridJoya Fairs, which take place at the same time.

Trends: extra large earrings, oversize or mini handbags and furry details

A huge variety of designs can be found in the collections dedicated to this Autumn-Winter season. The most exciting accessories this season are all about diversity and the latest in style. There is one for every occasion. The season will bring items of jewellery that combine materials such as silver, glass, wood, textile and lava. Earrings are the star item, especially in extra large formats with flowers or stones, providing the finishing chic touch to any outfit. Chunky bracelets are also in, as well as bangles in all sizes.  Necklaces this season are dazzling and exuberant, with large chains and pendants. Chokers are still in, but we will no longer see just a simple black band with a small embellishment – this season they are reinvented to become sophisticated items of jewellery. Watches with lined faces will be a must this Autumn-Winter.

Handbags come in new, supersize formats, especially tote bags.  And there will be mini handbags too. No in-betweens: either extra large or super small. We will see a wide range of materials at the Fair and plenty of fur! Furry details and strass will adorn all kinds of accessories, and hats will be made of corduroy, fur or fleece. Glasses will be big and embellished with jewelled details. Scarves will come with striking prints.

The colour range will be broad, both in jewellery and accessories, but autumn colours will predominate with ochre, grey, black, brown and blue combined with bolder hints of colour. Turquoise, lime and purple are out to make a statement. Rustic influences and casual flair will be the thing this winter.

Two more fairs will be held at the same time as BISUTEX: Intergift, the Gift and Decoration Fair, and MadridJoya, the International Fair for Urban and Trendy Jewellery and Watches. Altogether, these three fairs are an unmissable melting pot for trends, fashion and consumer goods, gathering over 1,500 companies and brands and expecting to welcome roughly 40,000 professionals from Spain and all over the world. This time, there will be a fourth Fair taking place: MOMAD Shoes, involving 200 companies and representing more than 250 brands.