Barcelona hosts the Free Zones’ World Capital



  • The largest international free zone event to have ever taken place in Barcelona will debate the change in paradigm that globalization and digitalization are introducing in our production and commercial processes all around the world.
  • This very important Congress will add synergies with the joint celebration of SIL 2019, eDelivery Barcelona Expo & Congress and InTrade Summit BCN, that encompasses the ALACAT Congress, the International Association of Authorized Economic Operators and the MedaLogistics Summit.

Barcelona will be the world capital of international trade and logistics from June 26 to 28 with the celebration of the Annual International Conference and Exhibition (AICE 2019) organized by the World Free Zones Organization (World FZO). March 29th, 2018, at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), the special delegate of the State at the CZFB, Pere Navarro, the Chairman of the W orld FZO, Dr. Mohammed Alzarooni, the CEO of the World FZO, Dr. Samir Hamrouni, and the managing director of the CZFB, Blanca Sorigué, have presented what will be the largest international trade event that has ever been held in Barcelona and what a positive impact will it have for the city of Barcelona.

Maximum international projection for the city
Barcelona will host the first edition in history of the World FZO AICE that will be held in Europe after the previous editions that were held in Dubai (2015, 2016 and 2018) and Cartagena de Indias (2017). It must be highlighted that the Barcelona bid, represented by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, ​​was elected, defeating bids presented by Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Serbia. In relation to this, the special delegate of the State at the CZFB, Pere Navarro, has explained that “the choice of Barcelona as the venue for this year’s edition is a recognition to the CZFB as a key element for our city’s competitiveness, and represents at the same time an opportunity to explain our model of success to the world”. Navarro has also recalled that “the CZFB has always worked towards the international projection of Barcelona, ​​and it is for us a great satisfaction to host the celebration of the largest congress on international trade that will be celebrated worldwide and that is undoubtedly contributing to achieve this objective”.

More than 1,500 international trade leaders
The Chairman of the World Free Zones Organization (World FZO), Dr. Mohammed Alzarooni, stated that this year will mark the fifth anniversary of the AICE. This event has been a growing success story, attended by over 1,100 people from 71 countries last year in Dubai. It marks the time of the year when we bring our free zone members and partners together in one place to exchange views and share insights on the future challenges facing free zones everywhere”.

The impact of globalization and digitalization on world trade
“Free Zone 4.0 Meets Economy 4.0” will be this edition’s motto. That’s the reason why the World FZO CEO, Dr. Samir Hamrouni, has stated that “this title is presented as a declaration of intent among the congress attendees to debate jointly, and from the perspective of the free zones, the shift in the paradigm that is being caused by the irruption of globalization and digitalization in productive and commercial processes throughout the world”. The 5th edition of the AICE will suggest the free zones to adapt themselves as enclaves of global commerce, going beyond their fiscal advantages and their logistic use.

Many synergies and business opportunities
The 2019 AICE will be held in parallel with SIL 2019 -the Leading Exhibition for Logistics, Transport, Intralogistics and Supply Chain in Southern Europe-, eDelivery Barcelona Expo & Congress -the eCommerce Delivery, Logistics and Last Mile International Exhibition- and InTrade Summit BCN that encompasses the ALACAT Congress, the OEA International Congress & the MedaLogistics Summit. “The sum of all these important events with the celebration of the largest free zone congress in the world will generate great synergies and business opportunities for all participants to enjoy. For three days, the most important and influential personalities in the international trade sector will be in Barcelona taking part in an event that has no similar precedent anywhere in the world”, has assured the CZFB’s General Director, Blanca Sorigué.
The special delegate of the State at the CZFB, Pere Navarro, has profited this morning’s presentation to appeal the Barcelona citizen for “making the city shine like it has during its most important occasions. We want Barcelona to vibrate with the World FZO AICE 2019 as it does every year with the celebration of the Mobile World Congress and with all the great events that Barcelona has hosted.”

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