Event Magazine

Our event special is a unique cooperation between EuropeanLife and your event. By working together your event will be seen all over the world and presents itself in the most modern and sophisticated way without any financial contribution for you as event-owner.

EuropeanLife will create a glossy magazine for your event to showcase all the participants in the best way and promote them and your event for 6 months in our unique distribution channels to reach your target groups and new markets.

This magazine can be made interactive by augmented reality and is a storytelling marketing tool to promote your event.


For all Specials we create for our clients, we have a unique team for production and marketing. EuropeanLife has its own exclusive network, but we will also create an exclusive team of bloggers, influencers and marketers to promote the event and their exhibitors in their own target group by finding that special networks for you. We offer and create:

– Custom-made videos to share on YouTube and social media.
– We work with a VIP database and distribution channels of unique customers to get the best contacts involved.
– Cooperate with existing media for example European Newspapers, Moscow Times, China Daily, New Delhi Times, Kaleej Times etc.
– A team of bloggers; custom tailored for your event will reach out to the world and find your target group.
– Local communities will be reached in local languages and your content will be shared with an unlimited reach.
– A special social media team posts on all platforms every day.

For every event the promotion and the numbers on social media will be different and growing every year but a general total of projects shows us that we reach over 3 million right in your target group.