EuropeanLife Tradeshow

Tradeshow Barcelona Passion for Luxury Week
Barcelona September 2022

EuropeanLife is a company with a strong format in Luxury industry: EuropeanLife; Passion for Luxury. Our magazines are on the markets since 2016 and we expanded this format in luxury industry with different specials: Real Estate, Wine & Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Shopping guide Barcelona. For many years we work with brands and events in Luxury Industry. Last year we started also with entrepreneurs- and network clubs. Our total reach is 8MLN in luxury industry alone. We see our magazines as a great marketing tool to expand our reach, our brand awareness and our visibility in Luxury & Entrepreneur Industry. It gives us the possibility for cross promotional activities for and extreme reach.
As an expansion of this success we like to start a EuropeanLife tradeshow.

Our Plan?

Based on that format we like to organize a tradeshow in Barcelona. A marketplace for Luxury brands, design and luxury industry. Topics could be; Design, Lifestyle, Fashion & jewelry, Real Estate, Travel. We like to make this tradeshow the center of a bigger activity week in Barcelona: Passion for Luxury Week. Promotion will be done in a cross- promotion campaign with our magazines, our many platforms, newsletters and influencers and the partners and brands we work with. This format will be the start of an Event tour through European Cities.

Our Partners?

For this tradeshow we have some partners in Luxury, Finance and Tourism to work with. We will offer sponsor package for partners of the tradeshow to be seen as a part of this commercial event in Luxury
To make this International event a spectacular experience, and an event we will realize for many years to come, we are always looking for new contacts to join us in this journey.

Be a sponsor, a participant or a friend of the organization!