The New Approach to Banking Experience in Greece

A simple, flexible, contemporary financial institution aiming to fulfill the needs of individuals as well as enterprises of modern era. Their main focus is to offer simple, useful, modern and flexible products and services while building relationships of trust through a new, optimum banking experience.

Optima bank was founded in July 2019 by the transfer of Investment Bank of Greece shares to Ireon Investments, a member of Motor Oil Group (Hellas). Under the status and credibility of Motor Oil, the strong leader in the Greek economy and a leading player in Southeast Europe, Optima bank marks the beginning of a new era for the entire banking industry. It operates as a universal bank, providing retail, private, business and corporate banking products and services.

In less than a year since the opening of its first branch, Optima bank managed to create a modern network of branches on which it bases the different, optimal banking experience it provides in every contact with its customers.

At the same time, the bank continues the implementation of its development plan, enriching the portfolio of its products and services to individuals and companies. In fact, Optima bank permanently leaves behind the use of paper. Through the use of tablets and digital signatures in every transaction, the bank launches a paperless ecosystem, aiming for a more environmentally friendly future. The bank will expand its presence in Attica, with the operation of a branch in Peristeri.

Simplicity is part of its DNA, they take care of creating simple products, prioritizing the quality of their services, it´s main goal is to build long-lasting relationships of trust with clients by offering the best banking experience, transparency is a must when it comes to engaging in any type of operation. Undoubtedly, Optima Bank has been an important growth factor for the industry in Greece and will continue to contribute to its development and strength.

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