Mazda: Barcelona Challenging Conferences

Barcelona Challenging Conferences
Nobel Peace Laureates Lectures
Presented by MAZDA

23 SEPTEMBER 2015, Times of Change – How Innovations and Technology Influence the Future of Work

On the 25th of September EuropeanLife Magazine took part in the Barcelona Challenging Conferences organized by Mazda in collaboration with the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.

Mazda Space was created with the idea to support the whole brunch of new product launches. When the company analysed the amount of money spent on the events organized in different places, it decided to create one place for all types of events. The idea was to have the location that would be available for the community and different types of events: exhibitions, musical performance, TEDx conferences etc.

But Barcelona Challenges are not about Mazda. They are about responsibility of citizens of the world to make it a better place to live. The challenger spirit is the fuel for the positive change, which starts at grassroots with dedicated people using their imaginations to build progress. The main idea of Challenging Conferences is to organize something valuable for the community.

12067783_1065766933458307_797881412_nIf we have a look at the participants of these conferences we will find people from different countries, different ages, with different experiences and backgrounds. From the perspective of the company people who participate in the conferences should have only thing in common – they should share the values of the company. The team of Mazda believes that everyone can make this world better. Therefore it is more about the spirit.

12092571_1065766900124977_1438112112_nMazda Space is not the promotion of cars. The company is promoting the values they believe in. Many companies create stories about their mission and vision, but Mazda decided to create something that would have meaning for everyone. Mazda decided to act. Now these conferences are a part of the corporate culture of the company.

In order to engage the right audience, Mazda uses tools as social media, collaboration with Universities and charity organizations, networking and many others. Because all the events are international Mazda Space prefers the speakers not to take any positions in topics as religion and politics. The main aim of the speaker is to show that everyone can make this world better.

We can’t stress enough that the event itself was organized on a very high level; from the agenda till the general conditions, and yes, it did work out! The initial aim of the campaign was reached – almost everyone left the conference inspired and full of ideas.


Tatiana Belskaia
EuropeanLife Magazine