EuropeanLife and PWN join forces

EuropeanLife works with many business groups over the years. By working together, we always make a strong force of professional people and our networks gives us so much more opportunities to show case and present these businesses on a professional stage.

EuropeanLife are now happy to tell that we signed a contract with PWN (professional Woman Network Global) to partner up and make them a professional Interactive Magazine for their Global Entrepreneurship Academy.

The PWN Global Entrepreneurship Academy is a continuous education and support platform designed to provide entrepreneurs with the methods and tools needed to develop and fine tune critical skills and enhance their business knowledge base to excel in any stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

PWN has a longstanding reputation of being the platform to connect with like-minded people, develop skills and competencies and share experience and knowledge with the aim to advance leadership. With an ever-increasing number of professionals identifying themselves as entrepreneurs it makes sense to extend more support to this group of professionals.

We are gonna make them a professional magazine where entrepreneurs can present themselves and tell their story. Where professionals teach and coach the readers to a higher level and PWN Global can showcase all their activities for entrepreneurs all around the round the world to join.

For EuropeanLife this is a great partnership to grow with an amazing partner in the world of business. It also gives us the opportunity to show our interactive possibilities in our new Interactive Magazine.

Can you imagen that you have your story on a spread article in the magazineĀ  and with an app you can bring that page to life. Show the reader your product, present your vision in a live interview, or make the reader part of your workshop or class room.

This way of presenting yourself is the strongest tool you can have. Not only you can present yourself in an interactive way with moving video. You also will be presented in a magazine with the name Professional Woman Network on the cover, a brand that guaranties a high quality in business professionals.

Our team of designers and marketeers are very excited to get started and show all these amazing materials to world.

We want all women entrepreneurs to be part of this magazine and show themselves on this professional level of entrepreneurship. In this difficult economic time, all entrepreneurs should join the forces and make advantage of the possibilities the world have to offer in the digital age.

Keep your eyes on our platforms and see this powerful partnership grow to a new level of entrepreneurship in the new world.

Join us and checkout the pwn website:

Bernadet Bijsterbosch