Touched by Luxury!

DSC_0114bIf we are talking about luxury, people always think we are only talking about gold, diamonds and money.
But when I ask them: ‘What about emotional luxury?’ They are most of the time kind of confused, and ask what I mean.
After all my journeys I find that there are different kinds of luxury and I distinguish four kinds:

Hard Luxury:
the kind we can buy; gold and diamonds, shoes and cars. This is the kind of luxury most people think of.

Emotional Luxury:
By this kind of luxury you can think of the places that touch your heart in a very personal way; being on the top of the Mount Everest, swimming with dolphins, or seeing your child for example.

Unreachable Luxury:
Luxury which is simply not for sale, it is out of your reach: think of the Taj Mahal or the Ivory tower and the sun!

Rare Luxury:
Luxury which are very rare in our world and very special to see: think of acts of nature like the Northern Light, the biggest amethyst in the world and that special design from which is only one in the whole world!

And then when you don’t expect it you have an experience which has all four of them. Last week I was invited to join an expedition in the middle of the winter in the fjords of Norway to swim with orca’s and whales by Waterproof Expeditions.


I did not believe people would swim there in the middle of the winter, but as a tough down-to-earth Dutch woman, I said yes to this ones-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Before I knew, I was dressed as an astronaut, got lifted in a Zodiac and we went full-speed between the snowy mountains to look for orca’s and whales.
A whole new world opens up around me; the snowy fjords, the orca’s, and the crazy snorkeling divers photographing and filming the amazing underworld of Norway.
And here goes my down-to-earth attitude. This experience is so special and so rare , it is such an emotional experience to be there and totally out of my comfort zone.
But most of all I am touched by the power of nature that is much bigger than me, it was an experience that gave me much more than just any trip.
How special it must feel for the people at that company to give their customers that feeling by selling this great experience.

So my question now is; is luxury a kind of product or is luxury a kind of feeling that that product gives you?
I don’t know, but I do know that all kinds of luxury should give you that feeling of being very lucky.
That is why I tell people I don’t work in a cold industry of gold and diamonds, I work in an industry that gives people the feeling of happiness! And that is a wonderful thought!




By this blog I hope to share, to help, to reach out, I hope we meet soon!