Storytelling magazine to engage with luxury!

By Bernadet Bijsterbosch.

As a publisher in the events industry, I know the luxury market. I talk to many event owners, designers and entrepreneurs about the way they reach out to their clients, because that is what EuropeanLife does: reaching out to the client, the target group, the market and the world.

There are many theories about this topic, but the way people can be reached has changed. No longer is it enough to reach out to your client by advertising or press releases.

It can be very exciting to see an exclusive design or new materials and techniques at an event. I read the beautiful brochures, the glossy presentations and the very expensive product books, but there is a big difference between seeing the product and engaging with it. Seeing the product is done with your eyes; engaging with a product is done with your heart. I know that I am really engaged with that beautiful luxury product when the owner tells me his or her story, when I feel the passion, the dream and see the love in his eyes and I can relate to that story. Because of that personal connection, it touches my heart and I become attached emotionally.

This is the way your event’s story should be told now. While most events are presented as a cold marketplace, I miss the excitement when you really talk to the person behind the product, when you feel the love on that market floor for their brand and you know that telling the story behind the product is a much stronger way to engage with your client than any promotional flyer.

Actually, the personal connection we feel when hearing a story isn’t just theoretical; it’s backed by some interesting neuroscience. Storytelling is a powerful tool to share that emotion, and this can set you apart from the competition.

There is no better way to share the story of your event, and the emotion of your client, than in a glossy custom-made magazine. It gives your event a face and your product a heart. It gives the world the opportunity to really get to know your event and its exhibitors.

That is why I love our storytelling magazines for events. All the participants can tell their story about their organization and their product and share that emotion with the readers and bring the event alive. It is the most exclusive way to be presented as a designer or entrepreneur, but also the strongest marketing tool an event can have. Selling by storytelling is the new way of engaging with your client, and the best way to do that is with your own glossy magazine.

I hope we can design many storytelling magazines to send around the world to touch some hearts and let your business grow!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch

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