Personalisation for sellers with Virtual Reality

By Bernadet Bijsterbosch.
It is already February, and event season is coming soon. I always look forward to the events we go to in the spring, but this year is a little bit different. We just expanded our magazine with augmented reality and virtual reality, and with this interactive magazine we know we can personalise experiences for any retail business in the luxury industry.

Last week I read this article ( on the Internet, which states the exact problem that retailers and sellers on events have to deal with these days:

Personalization Is a Priority for Retailers, but Can Online Vendors Deliver?
Providing relevant experiences is the ultimate goal. If retailers can provide more relevant experiences, they can both enhance their relationship with customers and boost sales. But for many brands, the personalization journey is only just beginning.
@ Dan Tynan, Adweek

He is right; customers want an experience that really gets them engaged with the brand. But how can you reach that client these days? You have to do more than just a glossy brochure or a cold website.

In a way, EuropeanLife is a storytelling magazine: We give the brand a face, and we enhance that relationship with the customer. But now we can do even more with modern technology.
The combination of magazine and technology is a perfect one in the world of events. Now you are not just wandering around at these great events, looking at the yacht, the jewellery collection or the real estate. You can also visit them right away, just by using an app.

Last week we got a great new partnership with Design Shanghai. This is Asia’s leading international design event, showcasing the best design and setting a precedent in Asia’s ever-growing design community. Can you imagine visiting this amazing event, which shows you the top Asia architects, interior designers, property developers, retailers, collectors and private buyers, while you are still in Europe?

Luxury is all about the emotion you give to the buyers and the relationship you can build with them, not only with their eyes but also with their hearts.

I think the world of retail and luxury is going to change soon, and I cannot wait to help our readers and partners share this experience and give them the joy of exploring the beautiful world of design the best way: right to the heart!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch