New energy

Editors Blog; Bernadet Bijsterbosch.
It is September and it is the time to say goodbye to the hot long days of August in the Mediterranean. The full beaches, the tapas, the smell of barbeque; it all silently disappears to the background while work and fall takes over. In august most businesses are closed in Barcelona and our business contacts are simply on holiday. Instead of being frustrated about it as a down-to-earth Dutch I am used to it and can even enjoy it by now. I know they all will be back and our team will find them soon.
And now September is there and for us that means that we go right in to the next festival season.
I can not explain how our agenda are filled within a week with events, lunches and meetings but also our bodies and minds are getting filled with fresh new energy.
The office is shaking with excitement and the first new content and images are finding our digital mailbox very quickly. We have too many ideas for our magazines too handle and our work is piling up so fast. I love to be back and have the feeling that there are so much new contacts to find, new brands to see and who knows what comes up our way in the next months.

We already visited the Hiswa in the water in Amsterdam, IJL in London and this week we will be at Cannes Yachting Festival.
The Cannes festival is always a joy to be, surrounded with amazing new yachts and boats, while we enjoying the last summer sun in the amazing landscape of Cannes in the beautiful South of France.

It is the best start of the new season and make you realise that we are the lucky ones in media industry.
Feeling all this new energy, we can’t wait to see what the last months of 2017 brings us; we are ready!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch