Nature gives you back your peace

By Bernadet Bijsterbosch
As you know, EuropeanLife makes custom-made magazines of events. That means that we visit many events in September and October and enjoy the design as well as all these wonderful products made all over the world. Yachts, jewellery, fashion, furniture: we have all seen the latest trends and design.

I always see a connection between design and the state of our world. In times of crises, we see a lot of black in fashion, or a more modest approach in jewellery or boats.

Last week, I visited Habitat in Valencia, and again I recognized this show’s trend right away.

The world goes green and we see it in furniture, but this year it is a new dimension for me. When I was a student, we had a lot of furniture made of wood, bamboo or cork.  It was mainly cheap and very hip during our student life. These days, I see nature materials back again, but in a very elegant, sophisticated way: extremely fine design, and different nature materials mixed together—wood with leather, or bio-cotton with bamboo. I smile because this expensive fair showed me nature materials in a very elegant way, and I realise that these materials are back in the design industry’s most expensive segment.

It’s a trend I never thought possible, but the way designers use the materials today is completely new. Icono Lighting makes lamps from wood that is so thin and exclusively made that their lights are a romantic shower of joy. Combinations of materials are used in a way that shows wood as a new material: softly crafted, exclusive design in various colours, polished or just dull and modest.

So I visited , where they work with wood in mirrors, tables and chairs. Or Studio Pablo Maestre, where they mix different colours of wood and make a cabinet look like a painting.

So I asked myself, “When did nature materials become a luxury in an extremely high segment of the market”? After three hours of furniture, my feet were killing me, so I picked a sofa to recover. In the stand of nature lovers, I sat down, got my breath and enjoyed the quiet, the beauty, the design. And then it struck me. Nature gives me this peaceful feeling I need. It makes me love the day and helps me to relax and escape from the chaos around me.

And again, the state of the world is seen at this wonderful design event. In a world so restless, so insecure, as the world is today, we go back to the place which gives us peace, which takes away our stress and makes us feel so safe again. And that is what nature does: nature gives you back your peace.

There is no price for that. We all want that feeling in the safety of our own home!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch