Luxury Goes Green!

By Bernadet Bijsterbosch: It is the end of August, and Europe is slowly getting ready for a new season for business.
I have my first invitation in my mailbox, a great Chanel event: the opening of a new store on Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona. It is a privilege to be invited. The new season of trade markets all over Europe is getting started in September, and my agenda is filling up already. I can’t wait to visit all these events again this year.

In the meantime, I am still enjoying the wonders of nature that I bought during my trips. This summer I was surprisingly alert to all the wonders we get for free from Mother Nature and are being made into huge industries. During my trip to Morocco in the beginning of July, I fell in love with argan oil in Marrakech, but I was also overwhelmed by its success as a multimillion-dollar industry, given by nature and turned into an amazing success story in Morocco. Not only is this product one of Morocco’s important exports, but it is also a big part of the tourist industry. Groups of tourists buy oils, medicines, soaps and lotion and watch cultural shows where the argan nut is processed by hand by traditional women in their Berber outfits. Tourists buy many products to keep the sweet feeling of Morocco when back in their home country. While I drove from country to country in Europe this summer, I was amazed at what the earth gives us and what countries have made into lucrative businesses.foto 1In France, I am surrounded by the smell and beautiful colour of lavender in the landscape but also surprised by the many different products in gas stations on the highway, in all the stores and in every village. It is amazing how France made this industry its own and has been so successful in it. The world-famous cultivation of lavender, often harvested by hand, covers a total area of over 10,000 hectares. Lavender has been grown in Provence since the 19th century and supplies 80% of world demand. Next to lavender, the linden blossom is used for the production of lime blossom tea. Manually picking the flowers occurs in late June. In Belgium we found chocolate from Mother Nature and milked out on any street in Brussels. Every chocolate store has its own tea and chocolate ritual.


And finally I am in Holland enjoying the cows, with their milk, their butter and their cheese. These are all products that have made Holland so very famous, and you can buy this merchandise everywhere.

And while I am driving through the bright flower fields of tulips and narcissus, which are ready to be shipped all over the world, I realised how the earth feeds us with all these products and why we should be careful with our earth. I can’t get it out of my head that the next generations should enjoy this beauty too.


And so I did my research on this subject and read about all these initiatives all around the world to make the luxury industry ready for the future. I feel that the world of luxury is ready to go green. If you want the green customer’s money, you have to make it a priority to know her. The luxury consumer is concerned about the environment and will take that into consideration when making her selection of luxury goods and services.
As an owner in the luxury industry, you need to feel responsible for this earth, find your green partners and use green marketing to find your green consumer!

After this beautiful summer, I know this for sure: in 2016 it is definitely time to go green!

By this blog I hope to share, to help, to reach out, I hope we meet soon!