Let me give you some new inspiration

By Bernadet Bijsterbosch.

It is a new year, a new blank canvas to paint, a time to make new plans.
I am looking back on a great year where there were so many new people to work with in my company; EuropeanLife Media S.L. has grown fast this year. I travelled to many countries, and my bucket list is longer than I can realise. Our team is so much fun to work with and gives me the strong feeling that we will grow more in 2018.

When I think about it, it was actually the many events we visited, and the many designers sending us their great images and stories, that inspired us the whole year through and gave us that strong team spirit.

Without them there would be no magazines and no posts on social media, and then we would not have all these great responses that we get every day.

We enjoyed so many events last year:

Cannes Yacht Festival, France, Hiswa in the water, the Nethterlands, Habitat Valencia, Spain, IBTM Barcelona, Sieraad AmsterdamBisutex Madrid, Maison&Objet ParisSalon de Mobil, Milan.
The many designers I adore, they color the world with their beautiful design;
Marc lange, GianFranco Ferré, Strizhak-Viktoriya, Carole Tessier, Carolina Otaduy, Fadua Hueb, Elodie Baude.

I already have new events and meetings on my agenda for the new year, but I still like to be inspired to fill myself up with new energy and get ready for new success.

Because this is the new year, we started our meeting with the team exchanging all the ideas, gifts and joy we like to give to our readers. One of the most important goals we have is to inspire the readers, followers and visitors in their journey to international luxury.

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To make a great start for you too, I would like to give you some inspiration to make your plan, set your goal and get started in your new year. To do this, I will give you my top five inspiring books for you to find your drive to success and happiness! You can find them on our website:

  1. Mindset changing the way you think to fulfil your potential; Dr. Carol Dweck
  2. How to become rich by building your online empire; Phoebus Smile
  3. The four; the hidden DNA of Amazone, Apple, Facebook & google; Scott Galloway
  4. How to be an overnight succes; Maria Hatzistefanis
  5. Happy finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect; Fearne Cotton

I wish you an inspiring journey in 2018 to find your color of luxury, along with love and peace!