Happy Holidays!

With the year coming to an end and so many holiday wishes crossing my desk, I am reminded of the amazing successes we have had this year.

For example, we have had new brands to fill our digital distribution channels and more events to showcase around the world. But, most importantly, we have gained so many new friends on our journey to show our magazines to the world.

We visited Amsterdam, Stockholm, Florida, Paris, London, Barcelona and Dubai. By expanding our network, we realized how lucky we were to meet and work with so many creative, successful and kind people.

As the world gets smaller because of the internet, social media and new technologies, we also saw a shift in the event industry this year. It feels like brands and events are drifting away from their clients. They have to be different to help ensure clients or exhibitors keep showing up. The world is changing, and a glossy catalogue or stylish website is not enough anymore. If you want your client to remain loyal to your brand, you have to find a place in their heart, make them feel close to your events or brand.

It is time for events to become more human and accessible on the global stage by giving clients a story to connect with and creating a memorable experience for future visitors.

To me, it is a great Christmas message to connect and humanize the world in 2019. We experienced a lot of great collaborations this year with so many friendly people, which enabled us to reach great heights and achieve incredible successes together. So, for next year, we want you all to collaborate and enjoy your global friendships. We hope to see you soon and be able to tell your story in the new year!

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and a lovely 2019!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch and EuropeanLife team
EuropeanLife Media S.L.