EuropeanLife is all about globalization, showing our beautiful products to the rest of the world. It is time to find our clients in other parts of the world and use all possibilities we have nowadays to reach them. Brands, investors and entrepreneurs are showing an increasing interest in new markets and you have to keep up with the changing markets to grow as a company and being more successful as a designer.

One of my favourite events is Joya, a small event for jewellery design in the centre of Barcelona.
Joya is a combination of beautiful architecture with state of the art jewellery design.
Walking around in this monumental building surrounded with fine art is like walking in a cloud of beauty and luxury in its purest form. I was impressed of the vulnerable designers working hard to reach out to their client to touch their artistic heart.
And so I met Ruriko Ito from Japan, she’s flying all over the world to visit Europe to showcase her beautiful jewellery. Her story is amazing, a fairy tale of success! She is a jewel herself, modest and petit behind her beautiful boxes of glass where her collection of jewellery shines in the light.
Or Inbar Shahak from Israel; her colourful pieces of art are a joy to look at and makes every woman feel luxurious.
And of course Gigi Mariani from Italy, Joya award winner of 2014. His work is very unique and sculptural.

But I wonder, how successful do you have to be to afford such a trip? Are they so successful in selling jewellery that this investment is well spent?
When I hear their story, I feel jealous but am very interested. I realize that most designers probably cannot make this kind of commercial trips. When I walk peacefully through this wonderful event, I wonder:

“Can the designer of 2016 only survive if they travel the world to find their client?”

My passion is to help brands by trying to find new ways to showcase their products to other markets. Can we offer our luxury brands in Europe a window display to the rest of the world?
Our magazine is of course a great way to be seen and we use modern technology to expand all options.

As always I leave this event with a mix of inspiration and the hard disc in my head is filled with new ideas. I have to do more to find answers to the question;

“What do the brands and designers need to globalize and how can I help?”




By this blog I hope to share, to help, to reach out, I hope we meet soon!