Get the feeling of luxury every day!

People often ask me why I made the choices I made in life and became at that point in life where I am today, because it looks like an amazing story.
I realise that it ís amazing, even for me, that I am living and working in my favourite city Barcelona and meeting all these fascinating, inspiring people while helping luxury brands getting in touch with each other all over the world
I always answer that my journey brought me here. Without a very strong strategic plan in mind I just let the world lead me the way and trust that I make the best choices along the road by letting my heart talk.

I always wanted to be a designer, making beautiful things and making people happy by sharing that with them. I would have liked to bring them that feeling that incredible art can give you, but I was never talented enough. But then the business woman in me found out that I had just as much joy by being around design and brands and taking care of the business-side of it.

It fascinates me how the world is becoming smaller with all the possibilities we have today to find new markets for our designs. I was a travel journalist ones and the combination of all these elements brought me here today. The gold designer of Japan, the Hotel owner of New Delhi, the fashion designer of France, they all want to reach out and share.

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Barcelona as an inspirational, beautiful city inspires me every day. I hope that with my network of fascinating entrepreneurs and designers from all around the world I can help all these beautiful brands in Europe to show their products on new markets.
The last years the world changed a lot and brands realize that it is time to cross the boarders, to find their clients in other countries.
Your design deserves it to be admired! I want the world to see all the beauty European life has to offer.


When I walk to my office at Rambla de Cataluña, and I look at the impressive buildings in a city where the sun is always around to brighten up my day, I realise my heart was right; this is the place I should be and being in that place of your life is feeling luxury every day!

By this blog I hope to share, to help, to reach out, I hope we meet soon!

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