A World Of Design With BRABBU

BRABBU was officially presented at Decorex International in London, September 2011, after a period of brand and design development. The brand was born from the gap we identified in the interior design market, a brand with a unique and different style with an integrated offer, allowing a professional to completely furnish a residential or hospitality space.

The brand’s name comes from the word “brave”, which for its sonority and meaning, reflects what we want our pieces to reflect – strength, intensity, and character.

The raw shapes and fierce forces of nature. Travelling and letting ourselves be surrounded by the diversity of stories and cultures of the world. Admiring and learning from the past, from the mid century era. Living for the cosmopolitan life. These realities all together are what makes BRABBU, thus are BRABBU’s inspiration.


When BRABBU was founded we had a very strong and clear idea of what we wanted to transmit. We couldn’t simply design furniture pieces. Every single piece that we design, has a new story to tell. With BRABBU you will get more than a design piece, you will get a diversity of spaces fulfilled with memories and unique sensations in perfect harmony with your spaces and your personality. We design our pieces to be a gift for the senses. Therefore, someone with BRABBU’s lifestyle will be someone with a very intense way of living, someone that enjoys details, someone with this cosmopolitan living which never stops, almost always on the run for new discoveries, new memories and new stories to live and recall.

Like BRABBU’s lifestyle and inspiration, intensity is the feeling we want our pieces to convey, that’s how, “an intense way of living” has arisen as the sentence to describe BRABBU.

First we start by reflecting our inspiration on the paper drafts, usually on our weekly design sessions, where we have this huge table full of materials, drawings, finishes, fabrics. Then it is time to design the product on the adequate software program, if its according the brand’s standards and everything it’s all right we prototype it, and it comes to life.


Brass, which is a very trendy material right now. And it is also very versatile. Also Marble, which is an imposing and respectful material. And it is also a traditional Portuguese rock. Last, but definitely not the least, velvet, an elegant and soft material that will always be incorporated in our upholstery pieces.

In what concern colors, from the beginning that we use colors more related to the earth and nature itself, like green or blue, but in order to expand our range of colors and to bring more intensity to the pieces we have started using more strong and vibrant colors.

One of the main reasons for BRABBU’s success is in fact this relationship. Every piece conceived by BRABBU is unique because there is this close relation between our designers and workmanship. Designers and craftsman work together to get the best out of each piece. They share ideas and techniques in order to raise masterpieces that will be integrated in the collection. Furthermore, we believe that is impossible to develop a product without the creativity of one designer and the wisdom and experience of an artisan.