Galia Lahav; what more can a bride ask for!

By Nagmani.

The focus of a woman’s wedding is centered entirely upon her choice of what bridal wear brand she has in mind for her big day when it finally arrives. Nobody can deny it. Deemed as a fulfilling moment of her life, there can be no room whatsoever for maddening second thoughts to crop up (especially regarding the label) later, spoiling the overall mood of the occasion. In fact, for any bride-to-be, experiencing this sort of predicament mid-way is something they will never like to put up with. Don’t fret, right!
When the world-renowned haute couture designer Galia Lahav from Israel is up here, things will only be in your favor. To put it simply, she is the guardian angel for women getting hitched across the globe because of the enticingly beautiful bridal gowns she creates. It’s no surprise they instantly fall in love with her lively designs.
In an exclusive interview with EuropeanLife, we sit down with her to find out what motivated her to become a bridal and evening wear designer, what it means to her and much more.
As a self-taught designer, she was always drawn to the universe of haute couture and she knew all along that the best way to manifest it elaborately is through designing bridal gowns and evening wear. “Designing bridal pieces is my biggest passion that I think of every second of my life,” she says. “This is the soul of my life.”
It’s a fusion of both originality and innovative style that strongly rules the brand philosophy and this is ultimately what makes it so high-end. In addition, the intervening process starts from the design first and follows with the quality of fabrics, handwork and the finished product.

“Each dress reflects how passionate we’re about our work that is known for translating the dream into reality. At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting the idea right,” she says.
Another important aspect of Lahav’s design process involves visualizing a woman’s figure in order to make sure these tempting bridal gowns and evening wear are brought to life in the best way possible. This fine quality constantly puts her in the limelight. “It’s crucial for us as we specialize mainly in the so-called custom-made sort of thing. Therefore, the clients always inspire us,” Lahav says.
Talking about her definition of the perfect bride who will perfectly do justice to her glorious creations, Lahav believes she should be a fashionable woman with an exquisite sense of style —someone who is open-minded as well as bold enough to wear a creation that could be risky at times.
In terms of inspirations that serve her palate tremendously, Lahav seeks to explore great art (such as that of the great Antonio Canova who had extreme details and lots of passion and motion in his marble sculptures which she believes are simply breathtaking), music (especially classic), books, her next door neighbors, humanity and sexuality.
She uses only luxe fabrics in her collections. In fact, this is sourced and derived in a highly special way as she explains, “All fabrics used are exclusively made for us. We specialize in body contouring and extremely fitted silhouettes that we achieve by using special blends made for us, which allows us to provide both beauty and comfort to the highest degree.”
Lahav is popular with celebrities too. Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Rodriguez, Vanessa Hudgens, Angela Bassett, Serena Williams, Maggie Grace, Jane Kramer, Carrie Underwood and many more have been spotted wearing her designed dresses during big events.

This is exactly where the irresistible phenomenon of celebrity endorsement rings true without a doubt. “We’re known for our elaborate and glamorous style so we’re naturally drawn to the most fashionable and distinguished venues, like red carpet events. And because we make fashion for brides, we have to be up-to-date,” she says.
That there is this high-level of interest from women in Lahav’s wondrous dresses, it is proof that most brides prefer to stick by bespoke couture as each wedding gown is apparently a personal thing for them.

Knowing well that creativity isn’t dictated by boundaries, Lahav has launched her prêt-a-porter line too including the new evening collection. “It’s just an ongoing journey as many more are yet to come,” she says. “It’s all about discovering new horizons.”