The sense of beauty


Raffaella Cirelli is a ceramic artist who has turned her passion into work and has been molding clay for over thirty years. In her atelier she uses a variety of techniques, from ancient ones such as sealed earths to the most innovative experiments on glazes.

Over the years, the combination of creativity and technical ability has given rise to collections that combine delicacy and intensity, refinement and meaningfulness.

Raffaella Cirelli lives and works in Brescia, in Northern Italy, one of the places most affected by the pandemic. This time, suspended and dilated, has given her the opportunity to reconfirm her artistic choices in perfect consistency with the current rediscovery of simple and authentic values ​​that are bearers of deep truths. Starting from clay, one of the humblest materials, the artist brings to light objects of great beauty that refer precisely to those primordial truths that reside in the human soul.

The delicate situation we are experiencing leads us to new reflections on consumer habits. The need is reborn to possess aesthetically appealing objects capable of moving the emotional strings, instead of getting lost in an uncritical and empty picking of banal objects.

Raffaella Cirelli’s works lead us precisely to rediscover that sense of beauty and harmony, indispensable for resuming a journey of true evolution.