ILGIZ F inspired by travel impressions

ILGIZ F : The jeweller inspired by travel impressions

Ilgiz Fazulzyanov ( which is called Ilgiz F) is one of Russia’s most eminent artists and is one of the world’s few jewellers with virtuoso mastery of all the classical techniques of hot jeweller’s enamel. He is a founder of his own jewellry brand «Ilgiz F ».

In 2011 and 2013, Ilgiz Fazulzyanov won the highest awards of the International Jewelry Design Excellence Award in Hong Kong and 2016  marked a special milestone in the history of his jewellry brand ” ILGIZ F”. Between March 31 and July 31 of 2016, the exhibition hall at the Belfry Tower of the Moscow Kremlin hosted a personal exhibition of Ilgiz Fazulzyanov.
Success never interfered  to  Ilgiz to be inspired by nature and travels and  to create ! This autumn  the new awesome collection  was born.
The collection was inspired by Ilgiz’s spring trip to Samarkand – a city on the  old Silk Road  in Uzbekistan. Poets and historians of the past called  Samarkand  “Rome of the East, The beauty of sublunary countries, The pearl of the Eastern Muslim World”.

The Collection of Ilgiz makes no claim to the status of ethnographic research or to strict adherence to the authentic patterns and colour combinations. Rather, it is a poetic reinterpretation of the artist’s impressions: the bright cupolas of mosques and mausoleums, the rich colours and designs of the encaustic tiles, the high blue skies, the sweetness of the fruit, the smells and tastes of spices, the wealth of legends and sagas. All of these had been intertwined together to take shape in the new collection simply called “Samarkand.”
The blue colour of the sky and the cupolas of the ancient mosques was taken as the base.

The artist had used turquoise and turquoise-coloured enamel, while the rubies, Ural emeralds, sapphires and diamonds play the role of rich colour accents. Unlike the previous collection, where all the works were done in the same technique, “Samarkand” unites many different ones, from cloisonné and champlevé to stained-glass and painted enamel.
“I wouldn’t want people to see this collection as an ethnic one,” Ilgiz Fazulzyanov says, “although I can understand the temptation to classify it as an “ethnographic fairy tale.” The fact of the matter is that fashion has been exploiting the Oriental themes for so long, weaving them into casual-look collections, that I see no reason why the jewellery design can’t use this know-how with greater frequency than before.”

The “Samarkand” collection has over 60 items. It is accompanied by a series of photographs taken by Ilgiz during his trip.
Very soon the European public will be able to see “Samarkand” in the new Parisian Gallery of Ilgiz. The Gallery “Ilgiz F” was opened in 2017 and located in the golden place of Paris, close to the Palais de l’Élysée, halfway between hotel “Le Bristol» and the “Sotheby’s” aucton house. Paris is an eternal source of inspiration for Ilgiz Fazulzyanov,who said:”This is the city where my «teachers» were creating their masterpieces, my favorite technics and artistic styles were born».