The Future of Luxxu’s Legacy

The Future of Luxxu’s Legacy, set to elevate Portuguese design.

Presented to the world in 2015, at Euroluce, LUXXU emerged in the luxury lighting market.
Three years later and with a new strategy in motion, the brand is looking to make a stand beside the top brands. Its mission?
Inspiring the luxury world with unique design while bringing the best of Portuguese design and craftsmanship to a very exclusive market. The CEO, João Barros, reveals what’s next for this brand on the rise.

1.How would you define the brand?
LUXXU arises as the definition of luxury, impressive pieces with a very defined aesthetic that brings the best of modern design and the traditional craftsmanship together. The brand started as a luxury lighting brand, later expanded into the luxury furniture market. Today the brand is separating the two concepts in two different brands, LUXXU Modern Lamps and LUXXU Home. The first will continue to exuberate with its lighting designs, whilst the second will build its legacy through the ‘living’ concept.

2.How does LUXXU differ from other luxury brands?
LUXXU differs from the other brands based on the fact that the brand has the most unique designs, eye-catching pieces that have a very exclusive aesthetic. An aesthetic that can be instantly recognized as being LUXXU. High-quality statement pieces that can be brought together in the creation of an interior decorated solely with the brands’ designs. Thanks to the timeless aesthetic that does not follow trends, the brand is gaining its place in the luxury furniture market.

3. As the CEO, is there any piece you’re especially fond of?
The Empire Chandelier. I invested all my time and energy into creating this piece. And for me it’s the piece that in all its magnitude represents our style best: “Classical Design With a Modern Twist”. All this effort became our best seller and the brand flagship. Another curious fact, that is not well known, is that this lamp was the inspiration to create LUXXU Home, with the creation of the Empire Center table.

4. Speaking of best sellers. Out of all the pieces, which ones are in fact the best sellers?
Coincidentally the brands’ best sellers all belong to the Empire collection. On the side of LUXXU Modern Lamps we have the Empire Chandelier, Empire Wall and Empire Suspension.
On LUXXU’s home side we have the Empire Center Table and the Empire Side Table, which were the first pieces the brand released. The collection has many other pieces, such as floor lamps, screens and plafonds and it has been very successful in tradeshows, in our social networks and clients have given us great feedback on it.

5.LUXXU is a fairly recent brand, that has gone through several rebranding processes. Which are the conquests that make you the proudest?
Being called a competitor by the top brands in the market such as LASVIT. Having received a proposition directly from the Campana Brothers to design a collection for our brand, and having high level clients renowned internationally (Cartier, Victoria Secret’s) that are very satisfied with our products and have purchased them more than once. The growth the brand has had in such a short period of time Is also something to be proud of, as well as the notoriety we’ve been gaining in this exclusive market.

6.LUXXU reached 3 million euros in sales last year. How did you achieve this extraordinary results?
We managed to reach such a high-value with many effort, dedication and above everything, love for the brand and what it represents. A lot of hours spent studying of the best strategies to grow in the design world has helped us to bring our unique designs to such an exclusive target. Obviously the high-quality and the customization options we offer to our clients. And of course our target markets, we focus on markets with economic strength, which also has an important role in our sales value. I also can’t leave out the efforts of our marketers, that have granted us with results beyond the expected.

7.LUXXU has an enormous digital footprint. Being such a recent brand how did you get so many followers?
It’s all about building the right audience. An audience that is in love not only with our designs, but also with our lifestyle images, either our own interiors or inspirations we’ve shared over the years across all social media. It’s about inspiring and engage our audience in the brand as much as possible.

8.Which are the projects you feel the proudest about?
The brand has had the immense pleasure of participating in several internationally renowned projects, which the entire team feels very proud of. From projects with Victoria Secret’s Bali to Four Seasons Beverly Hills, from Cartier Moscow to Vacherom-Constantin stores in several points of the world.
We are also very proud to collaborate directly with Swarovski throughout all these years and incorporating their iconic crystals in our lamps.

9.How has this partnership you’ve mentioned with Swarovski been valuable to LUXXU?
Swarovski is a brand recognized everywhere, and therefore has increased the value of the designs that include these crystals. The fact that it’s an established brand in the luxury market has helped this exclusive consumer in considering us a trust-worthy brand. However, this partnership has a lot of unexplored potential that we will explore for LUXXU Modern Lamps.

10.In which international tradeshows and design events is LUXXU present? Any different ones you’d like to invest in in the coming months?
The brand has been present mostly in tradeshows in Europe, such as Maison et Objet, iSaloni, Euroluce and Decorex. In the future we want to leave our comfort area and explore tradeshows in the USA and in the UAE, being these, two of our target markets.

11. What can we expect from LUXXU in 2018?
When speaking of 2018 it’s inevitable to mention the separation of LUXXU in two different concepts. What we can expect is the segmentation of each of the brand’s in the luxury design world. In order to do so, we’ll have to create a concept around these two brands, that will include many novelties, such as new product releases, new collections and new interiors. On what it concerns LUXXU Home, the brand will be releasing many products, unveiling new product categories.

12.Where do you see LUXXU in 2020?
In 2020 I foresee that the brand will reach high-values in sales very superior to those we hit last year. I also see in the future of the brand 2 stores or showrooms fully decorated by LUXXU. In summary, I see the brand side by side with the top brands that have inspired un from the beginning. I also see a solid team with more than 20 people fighting for our goals with all the passion and dedication this brand needs.

13.And the rest of the team, where do they see LUXXU in 2 years’ time?
The whole team is in synch with how we see LUXXU’s future.
We all see the brand with a strong position in the luxury market. With the two brands completely separated and both playing with the big fishes that nowadays serves us as inspiration.

LUXXU’s world is all about a soft blend between exclusivity and sophistication gathering the classic and modern lines expressed through the best craftsmanship.