Serip presents an urban greenery

Contemplate the joy of nature between wintry and grey tones

This January, the design meets business once again at the Interior Business Event in Cologne, Germany – IMM Cologne –
Where a whole host of trends and innovations are showcased in the Pure interior world. Serip emphasizes a Nordic touch to urban greenery and presents a beautiful mixture of old and new, all of it tinted in sparkling tones.
This “green” bubble contrasts the inhospitable and cold environment where the Nordic minimalism reigns, nevertheless contemplating the joy of nature between wintry and grey tones.

Famous for its approach in decorative lighting design, Serip, has created a trend in its organic aesthetics through its sculptural pieces, presented for the first time in this exhibition. Including also, a few novelties that step the brand once again as a trendsetter, the beautiful Voa collection welcomes the recent – Voa Solitaire, a single spot of light perfect to complement the swallow compositions. Also, this year, Serip celebrates the commitment to give new tones to their iconic collections widening the spectrum of options in interior design. Snow-white colour is now part of the finishes that can be chosen to create a truly custom made piece.

Serip at IMM Cologne, presenting the new metal finish – Snow-white, on a well-known Aqua Collection chandelier.

Founded in 1961, Serip’s heritage holds three generations of Portuguese craftsmen, highlighting a creative bridge between artisans and designers that provides a unique point of view of artisanal creation with ancestral techniques that embody artistic production, resulting in pieces of odd beauty enriched with history.

Serip at IMM Cologne, presenting a dramatic game of shadows and light, with Voa Collection.

Our technicians, artisans, sculptors and designers use their knowledge as a tool for the creation of contemporary art against industrialization, collecting the ancestral wisdom to give life to an organic style that characterizes this brand.
With a strong presence in the international market, exports more than 96 per cent of production. Serip reaches more than 77 countries in five continents.

Voa Collection
Inspired by Portuguese soul and a dramatic game of shadows and light

This marvellous species of swallows known as “Hirundo Rustica” presents spectacular ballets where they paint the skies like ballerinas. Their funnel-shaped bodies are also a Portuguese icon, which translates our soul in movements and shapes. The unfindable configurations that they perform allow this singular collection to create beautiful visual compositions.
Either in suspension or standing on the walls, they create a dramatic game of shadows and light.
Also, they can stay aligned, side by side, in an extreme organic and sharp textured tree branch creating extraordinary contrasts with the smooth and fluid shapes of their bodies.
Ideal for: Vertical compositions and highlights in dining areas of classic and contemporary interiors
Material: Bronze and handmade Glass
Lighting: LED Lighting