Scandinavian Designs

By Mona Moller:

Aarhus. For some it might look like six letters put in a random order. It is, nevertheless, the name of Copenhagen’s little brother, Denmark’s second largest city. This coastal city has an urban population of roughly 260,000 people, and was founded by the Vikings all the way back in the 8th century.

Cobbled narrow streets, a fresh breeze of the sea, blond hair, bicycles, long legs in hipster trousers. Aarhus has it. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Denmark, and was in 2012 designated European Capital of Culture 2017 by an international jury.

It is not only on the cultural scene that this East-Jutland jewel sparkles with innovativeness. A range of unique brands, workshops and gourmet restaurants adds an extra sense of vibrancy to the old streets. The store Højkant offers you the possibility to browse between eye-catching clothes from up-and-coming artists, hanging side by side timeless robes made by established designers.


Kähler gives you a selection of the ultimate best of Nordic design. Whether you are passionate about handpainted ceramic beauty or traditional Danish cuisine with an edge, you won’t be disappointed. The world famous brand is considered one of the most innovative in Scandinavia.

Restaurant Frederikshøj is in the top-league of modern Danish gastronomy, and has a star in the Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2015. The food is innovative and combines different styles of cuisine to achieve the tastefulness, that has made this Aarhus-restaurant famous. Nordisk Spisehus, Dauphine and Miró are other cosy and elegant spots in the city, all considered amongst the best high-end restaurants in the country.


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Mona Moller