A One Of A Kind São Paulo Penthouse – LUXXU

In the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, interior design studio Electrix Design amazed their clients with an opulently stunning residential space, mixing European Classic, Art Deco and tropical accents. Known for its sophisticated taste, the studio opted for a mixture of locally sourced materials for the project’s finishings and international designers for lighting and furniture, including LUXXU, whose products were able to provide an intimate Deco ambience to this penthouse project.

The first floor of the penthouse is designed in an open-space scheme, with the living and dining area occupying the same space. Decorated in soft shades of white, beige and orange, the golden accents around the room add a timeless and eclectic touch to the design.

LUXXU’s Empire Square Snooker is the statement piece of the dining area, creating the Art Deco atmosphere the interior design studio envisioned. The tropical accents of the indoor plant and the wall art add a visually interesting character to the space, contrasting with the sophisticated aura of the dining table and chairs.

With amazing views of the city of São Paulo, the office maintains the soft color scheme, although with a few contrasting black pieces, such as the large bookshelf and LUXXU’s Waltz Desk, whose tortoise detailing and golden lining are the perfect combination of the European Classic and Art Deco styles that characterize this project. The tropical and whimsical wall art adds a playful accent to the room.

The master bedroom of the home has a white, brown and beige color scheme, setting a comfortable atmosphere that’s vital for relaxing and resting. The lack of doors in the room provides more depth and accessibility to the closet space, which is connected to the room via a small corridor, which is bare for the exception of a neutral sideboard and two Empire Wall Lamps, which carry on the Art Deco vibes across the penthouse.